by | Apr 30, 2020

    Meet the Team – Nicky Rhodes

    1. What is your position at BPD Zenith?

     “VP of Service Delivery  Canada.  This involves a number of different hats, technical lead and management of our delivery team, technical sales support and a senior consultant delivering Maximo solutions for our clients.”

    2. What led you to choose this career path? What alternative career path would you have chosen and why?

    “Initially I was scheduled to go to university; George Lightfoot offered me the developer role and I took that instead.  I had always been good with computers so I decided to give it a try, that was 22 years ago!  I had planned to go into electronic engineering as I used to enjoy taking electronics apart and understanding how all the components worked.” 

    3. Which part of your job do you most enjoy?

    “Delivering solutions to clients that create efficiency in the way they do their business.  Being able to exercise my creativity to solve clients problems.  I also like exploring the new technology released by IBM, figuring it out and building solutions with it.”

    4. What do you like about working at BPD Zenith?

    “The support and the team – they are a talented bunch of individuals that work together to solve problems, across the globe.”

    5. What are the values that drive you?

    “Qualityefficiency and teamwork.  These values are shared within the whole company too!”

    6. What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

    “Mountain biking!  It’s by far my favourite pastime, be it at the local trails, Whistler bike park doing jumps or in the mountains of Mexico!”

    Meet the Team – Nicky Rhodes

    7. What’s a work-related accomplishment you’re really proud of?

    “Starting in the development team in 1998, accepting the mentorship of George, Barry and Alan, then taking that teaching and applying it to my role in Canada.” 

    8. What’s your favourite way to unwind after a busy day?

    “I don’t get stressed any more so I typically don’t need to unwind, I have limited free time so I get out on the bike when I can.”

    9. What would we most likely find you doing on the weekend?

    “Spending time with my kids or getting out into the mountains on the bike.” 

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