BPD Zenith can help you get the best outcomes from IBM Maximo, with our class-leading, tried-and-tested cloud, mobile and scheduling solutions.
    We can help you to get more out of your assets, while reducing costs.


    Monitor and track your assets over multiple sites, in real time

    Transport and logistics businesses need to maximise asset uptime and availability. Our EAM solutions can help you do this by improving your control of asset maintenance operations and services.

    IBM Maximo for transport and logistics businesses enables you to track and monitor all your assets, and helps you to:

    • Maximise asset uptime & availability
    • Efficiently manage asset warranties
    • Maintain full digital asset maintenance information
    • Reduce costs
    • Work from remote locations

    Maximizing asset uptime and availability

    MaxiCloud, with Maximo Application Suite (MAS) at it's core, includes tools to monitor asset performance remotely with sensors. MAS can then combine this data with historical data, to automatically spot any performance anomalies. This enables you to take early preventative action, avoiding costly outages and failures. 

    It’s critical that your assets are working and available as often as possible. By deploying planned, preventive, condition-based and predictive maintenance techniques, this minimises critical failures, reduces human errors, and maximises asset uptime.

    MAS incorporates features to:

    • Extend asset life
    • Optimise parts management
    • Reduce road calls
    • Monitor assets to enable predictive maintenance


    Efficiently manage your asset warranties with our EAM solution enhancements...

    It’s crucial that your business can efficiently manage your asset warranties. IFS EAM and IBM Maximo both have advanced scheduling capabilities, which help you to:

    • Track all key information regarding warranties
    • View the depreciation schedule history of an asset
    • Increase control on item warranty validations
    • Better determine warranty durations

    Discover BPD’s Maximo Accelerator for Manufacturing

    Discover how our Manufacturing model helps companies maximize asset reliability and performance for a lean manufacturing implementation.

    Discover how MaxiCloud can help Transport & Logistics businesses

    MaxiCloud from BPD Zenith - with Maximo Application Suite at its core, offers you a comprehensive, flexible, and customizable EAM solution. It gives you a 360-degree view of assets and equipment, enabling effective maintenance planning and scheduling, reducing downtime, and improving efficiency.

    MaxiCloud is fast to implement, and scalable up or down, according to your needs. MaxiCloud also comes with our Essentials package, to streamline your Maximo installation, and get your team up and running faster.

    Find out more about MaxiCloud

    Work effectively from remote locations

    Your engineers need accurate asset information – even when working from remote locations. BPD Zenith's Fingertip Mobile EAM solution maintains a live link with Maximo, ensuring that both your office and remote teams always have current information on your assets.

    • Enforce your processes at the point of work with Fingertip’s Mobile Forms, using complex conditional logic to guide your engineers through every stage
    • Capture e-sig or hard signature for every process
    • Issue work orders remotely
    • Eliminate paper-based processes, reduce duplication of work
    Find out more about Fingertip

    How Maximo, MaxiCloud and Fingertip help your business

    • Maximise asset uptime & availability

    • Efficiently manage asset warranties

    • Maintain full digital asset maintenance information

    • Work effectively from any location

    • Meet delivery schedules – managing and maintaining assets and resources whilst scheduling outages to improve availability and reliability in order to make deadlines, meet SLAs and satisfy customers

    • Preserve capital – effective maintenance to extend the useful life of assets to defer new purchases and improve ROI for all assets

    • Reduce operating expenses – streamline operations, reduce labour costs, remove excess and obsolete inventory spares, and consolidate key systems

    • Increase operational equipment effectiveness – eliminate recurrent failure stops and reducing changeover times

    • Prepare for regulatory changes – dynamic infrastructure supports the ability to adapt quickly, increase governance and reporting

    • Leverage the active monitoring of asset health to maximize production efficiency whilst predicting failure with AI and monitoring technology

    • Support asset and facility maintenance and manufacturing concepts such as RCM, TPM and GMP

    • Reduce maintenance costs – improve productivity/reliability/quality, deferring non-essential maintenance activities, standardize and enforce processes

    • Maximo also provides a natural alignment with the current PAS 55 asset management or future ISO 55000 standard



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