Unrivalled Oil and Gas Experience

    Unrivalled Oil and Gas Experience

    BPD Zenith has been helping global oil and gas businesses for over 20 years, so we know the challenges you face in maintenance and supply chain management.

    You need to ensure your business meets the stringent HSE requirements of this highly regulated industry, by effectively maintaining and monitoring assets, and having a full audit trail for all work.

    At the same time, management is putting pressure on engineering and maintenance teams to reduce operating costs, while increasing production.

    IBM Maximo EAM can help you to balance these requirements, enabling you to:

    • Improve safety & compliance
    • Maximise efficiency, effectiveness, & asset lifespan
    • Track Corrective and Preventative Work
    • Ensure Compliance to HSE & Regulatory standards
    • Complete and audit complex inspections and checks
    • Integrate with other systems, such as SAP, Oracle, SCADA and IoT

    Oil and Gas Accelerator for Maximo

    BPD Zenith have developed a standardized model for work management based on tried and tested business processes. Our Oil and Gas Accelerator embeds industry best practice into a set of 50 sector-specific business process templates that help to accelerate Maximo deployments for oil and gas producers.

    The gives your business a competitive advantage in managing your complex onshore and offshore assets. BPD Zenith's Oil and Gas Accelerator includes:

    • Meet delivery schedules – managing and maintaining assets and resources whilst scheduling outages to improve availability and reliability in order to make deadlines, meet SLAs and satisfy customers
    • Preserve capital – effective maintenance to extend the useful life of assets to defer new purchases and improve ROI for all assets
    • Reduce operating expenses – streamline operations, reduce labour costs, remove excess and obsolete inventory spares, and consolidate key systems
    • Increase operational equipment effectiveness – eliminate recurrent failure stops and reducing changeover times
    • Prepare for regulatory changes – dynamic infrastructure supports the ability to adapt quickly, increase governance and reporting
    • Leverage the active monitoring of asset health to maximize production efficiency whilst predicting failure with AI and monitoring technology
    • Support asset and facility maintenance and manufacturing concepts such as RCM, TPM and GMP
    • Reduce maintenance costs – improve productivity/reliability/quality, deferring non-essential maintenance activities, standardize and enforce processes
    • Maximo provides a natural alignment with the current PAS 55 asset management or future ISO 55000 standard

    Mobile working for Oil & Gas businesses

    Fingertip Mobile EAM Solution

    BPD's Fingertip mobile EAM solution extends Maximo’s capabilities into the field, and is already widely used by energy businesses. Fingertip provides your engineers with real-time information at the point of work, and helps you to complete safety inspections accurately and effectively.


    • Deploy to all major mobile devices types (including ATEX) and operating systems
    • Maintains a ‘live’ connection with Maximo, but can also work off line, updating Maximo when connection is restored
    • Ensure health & safety compliance
    • Issue work orders to engineers in the field
    • Raise follow-on work orders at point of work
    • Eliminates paper-based processes, avoids duplication of work, reduces errors
    • Access to asset and work history improves first-time-fix rate
    • Enforce your processes at the point of work with Fingertip’s Mobile Forms, using complex conditional logic to guide your engineers through every stage
    • Can support hundreds of concurrent users
    • Works with scheduling to ensure the most suitable engineers attend each job
    PEL EAM - oil-worker-750




    IoT in Oil and Gas – The Next Step

    Within the Oil and Gas industry, there is significant scope to enhance maintenance operations with connected assets. Many items of plant and equipment are already capable of providing data to Maximo.

    It is now possible to leverage this data alongside data provided by other sensors, applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to its interpretation. AI then uses the data to consider such things as temperature, running speed and vibration offering a more complete and accurate asset health insight into potential improvement opportunities.

    There is the potential to protect lone workers on platforms through the use of wearable technology, connected PPE, Geofencing and AI. Workers can now be easily located, know where other workers are, and what operating conditions they are working in. Fall alerting is also automated within this solution area.

    BPD Zenith is working with the IBM IoT platform to build and develop these solutions with PoCs. It is clear that the technology can greatly assist in work management within hazardous environments – whilst providing methods and accuracy by which the cost of maintenance can be significantly reduced.

    Discover BPD’s Maximo Accelerator for Oil and Gas Assets

    With our award-winning Maximo Accelerator solution, clients can start using the system out-of-the-box and run their platforms with it.