IBM Maximo Solutions

    The core product suite we work with is IBM Maximo Asset Management – the leading Enterprise Asset Management solution. You can enhance this foundation using AI, advanced analytics and real-time data from sensors and devices to drive better data management and decision making.

    Enterprise Asset Management

    Enterprise Asset Management

    Keep your assets at the heart of your business with a strong EAM foundation.

    Asset Performance Management

    Asset Performance Management

    Keep your assets delivering at the pace of now with our APM journey.

    BPD Zenith Solutions

    Our deep industry knowledge has enabled us to develop IBM Maximo Accelerators, Cloud Solutions and Custom BPD Applications. With a dedicated Product Development and Global Infrastructure Team, we work with our clients and end users to build specialized industry solutions.

    BPD Zenith Solutions

    Maximo Accelerators

    Accelerate and enhance your Maximo implementation with our industry solutions.



    Get a head start on your Maximo journey with our fast-start cloud platform.


    The MaxiCloud Platform

    Get ready to future proof your assets with MaxiCloud. A complete asset management solution (licenses, support and infrastructure) enhanced for your industry.

    “Their proposal was the best that we received, and we were very confident that they would do a good job. In the event, we were proved correct.”

    Richard D. Maintenance Management Team Leader, CNR International

    “We have been working with BPD Zenith for 10 years now, and we are very happy for the partnership to continue. The project was implemented on time, and within budget.”

    Lynne R. ISI/IT Manager, Turner Facilities Management

    “IBM Solutions will help us to reduce the cost and boost the efficiency of essential maintenance processes.”

    Richard Barber, Maintenance Systems Section Head, Drax Power

    “BPD Zenith have shown leadership in the Business Partner community by working collaboratively with the Maximo team to create templates which complement the existing product offering.”

    Russell Bee, IBM

    “As a Beacon Award winner, we’re pleased to recognize BPD Zenith for helping their clients to transform for the future and drive growth with IBM-based solutions that are on pace to address today’s fastest growing technology trends.”

    Marc Dupaquier, General Manager, IBM Global Business Partners

    “The Implementation Framework provided a strong roadmap for the project and significantly reduced the risks associated with the implementation of Maximo at QER.”

    Andrew Wheatley, Operations and Maintenance Manager, BMS

    “BPD Zenith demonstrated deep understanding of the project requirements for Maximo installation.”

    Greg Schultz, Principal Maintenance Specialist, AGR

    “IBM’s Maximo Asset Management provided us with immediate staff productivity benefits through the Maximo ‘Start Centre’ or dashboard services that can be customised for each individual user.”

    Terry Jones, Senior Business Systems Analyst, Epic Energy

    “Thank you for your contribution to the successful Maximo v4 to Maximo v7 upgrade project conducted by the Bulwer Island Refinery over the period March to December 2009.”

    John O’Connor, Project Executive, BP

    “MaxiCloud allowed us to take advantage of all the benefits of an EAM solution and put our business in a stronger, more competitive position for years to come – without the need to hire additional support resources to manage it all.”

    Bob Smillie, Maintenance Manager, Port Otago Limited

    “BPD Zenith were flexible in their approach to the project.”

    Terry Jones, Senior Business Systems Analyst, Epic Energy

    “The Implementation Framework provided a strong roadmap that enabled the project to be delivered on a tight timeframe with no slippage or cost overruns.”

    Andrew Wheatley

    “If people think this has not been a success, then I suggest they have not seen an unsuccessful implementation.”

    Production Director, Drax Power

    “The BPD Zenith team’s business culture, technical expertise and deep understanding of our industry made it clear that they had performed complex work of this kind before.”

    Lisa Bower, Head of Procurement and Facilities, Drax Power

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