Proven cloud-ready EAM Solution

Combine the capabilities of the best of breed Enterprise Asset Management solutions with the future-proof advantages of the cloud, and you get MaxiCloud – a complete asset management solution for your industry.

  • Comes with BPD's unique Essentials package including base data, enhancements and configurations for your industry
  • Performance and security best practice managed by BPD’s dedicated Global Infrastructure Team​
  • High availability, 99.99% uptime, together with resilient options for Disaster Recovery
  • Our fully managed service subscription packages (licensing, support and infrastructure) offer flexibility to unlock additional functionality and features as you go
  • Removes the set-up time and upfront cost of a world-class Maximo system

MaxiCloud is all about:



MaxiCloud caters to any sized business and scales easily. Whether it’s new projects, sites, users or extra licensing requirements – MaxiCloud grows with your organization.


Asset Management

The best of breed asset management tools on the one platform – Mobility, Asset Health Monitoring, Scheduling, Archiving, Inventory Management, Permitting & more.



Relax in the knowledge that your data is always airtight in our locally managed data centers. MaxiCloud has DC security and accreditations, and adheres to local cyber security certification. 



No upfront capital costs, quick implementation and no on-site equipment needed. You’ll love the affordable monthly subscription with the flexibility to add solutions as you go.

See what MaxiCloud can do for your business

To learn about the impact MaxiCloud is having on real businesses watch this video.

MaxiCloud helped Port Otago eliminate unnecessary costs, inefficiencies and siloed business systems.  

MaxiCloud tackles all your EAM business processes


Works, Inventory, Service, Contract Management, Mobility, Scheduling, Reporting, Permitting, Asset Health & much more


Database Management, Archiving and Conversions


Effectively Map & Manage Business Processes To Improve Productivity



Alternative to Maximo Mobile solution

Welcome to MaxiCloud

Welcome to MaxiCloud

We know you’ve got a lot on your plate. Let the Maximo experts do the hard work, leaving you to run your business.