The future of Asset Management is fuelled by data

    BPD Zenith is working closely with clients to ensure a successful future for their organization through Asset Performance Management.

    With a strong EAM foundation, you can start infusing the wealth of information collected around your assets with IoT and AI to drive better data management and decision making.

    Asset Health Monitoring

    Asset Health Monitoring

    BPD’s Asset Health Monitoring solution LoveYourAsset brings together asset management, IoT, and environmental data to provide a holistic asset health picture and allow you to take the next best logical action based on trends and data.

    By setting parameters for your critical assets such as cost, condition, lifespan, and weather patterns, you can quickly understand each asset’s current condition or health status and when it will potentially fail.

    This enables maintenance decisions to be scheduled and undertaken before the assets break down by subscribing to warnings and notifications or triggering work orders.

    This drives optimization through improved reliability and preventative maintenance efficiency with objective asset health metrics.

    Asset Performance Management

    Asset Performance Management

    BPD is working with IBM’s Asset Performance Management (APM) suite which has been designed to meet the requirements of asset intensive organizations for secure, intelligent and real-time IoT solutions.

    BPD is currently engaged with customers on connected asset projects and can advise upon and deliver Maximo APM solutions and implementation.


    Connected Assets

    IoT sensors built into assets (pre-built or can be retrofitted) can offer the user real-time information on asset condition.

    We are now able to connect these sensors to Maximo to discover more about asset performance and the condition of each individual asset.


    Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now sufficiently mature that it can enhance and support your technicians in a world of information overload.

    Not only can it help safeguard worker safety and boost productivity, but it can also help to retain generational knowledge and train new staff. 

    Solutions such as Equipment Maintenance Assistant and Augmented Collaboration can help make every technician your best technician.


    Worker Safety

    Accidents at work remain a huge concern despite HSE regulations and procedures. Incidents can affect an employee’s wellbeing and livelihood and the organization’s productivity, reputation and bottom line.

    IBM Maximo Worker Insights is a SaaS solution designed to improve workplace safety and incident avoidance through shared knowledge and communication.

    Wearable technology alongside IoT connected equipment provides a clear picture of the working environment and workforce including unseen factors and hidden dangers. A connected working environment alerts the worker to danger before it occurs, from early warning of toxic gases, to connected ‘Smart Cones’ and geo-fenced areas for ‘danger-zones’.

    As well as saving lives and avoiding major incidents, Worker Insights help improve the well-being of the workforce while increasing confidence and retention, and minimizes costly downtime incurred through incident disruption, injury recovery and sickness periods.

    This provides clear and accurate compliance reporting for incident investigation and offers up-to-the-minute reporting for legal compliance requirements.

    The system also enables better quality data and improved communication between team members regardless of location, from hands-free data entry to expert peer guidance using Augmented Reality.