BPD Zenith delivers added value to Energy companies by improving asset availability, consolidating systems, supporting legal compliance, and reducing maintenance and operating costs...

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    Powering Our World

    The Energy sector encompasses organizations involved in electricity generation, oil and gas extraction, renewable energy production, energy distribution, and more.

    These companies depend on complex networks of power plants, wind farms, pipelines, transmission infrastructure, and other assets to extract, generate, and deliver reliable energy to homes and businesses. Proper monitoring, maintenance and efficiency of these assets is crucial.

    As the world transitions toward renewable sources and balances energy security amid fluctuating prices and policy changes, energy providers must adapt. Investing in smart grids, asset performance management solutions, renewables, and innovative strategies will allow them to thrive.

    By leveraging technology to maximize output while minimizing costs and emissions, energy companies can meet demand, gain competitive advantage, and lead the way to a greener, more resilient grid. The decisions they make today will power the world for decades to come.


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    With IBM Maximo at its core - MaxiCloud offers a comprehensive, flexible, and customizable EAM solution that is well-suited to address the challenges faced by the Energy industry in 2024. It provides a holistic view of assets and equipment, enabling effective maintenance planning and scheduling, reducing downtime, and improving efficiency.

    Keeping Production Running

    Keeping Production Running

    The Manufacturing industry covers a wide range of organizations which produce anything from Automotive, Electrical, Chemical, Food/Beverage, Mining and Pharmaceutical products.

    These companies depend on physical assets, from fleet vehicles to production facilities, to produce and deliver high quality goods and services to their customers. Each of these complex assets must be tracked, controlled and maintained to maximize production, reduce maintenance costs and improve reliability.

    To remain competitive in today’s fluctuating business environment, Manufacturers must establish innovative strategies to keep production running at full capacity via extracting maximum value from their assets.

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    Our Energy Offerings

    • Meet customer demand - managing assets and resources while scheduling maintenance to improve availability, reliability, and continuity of service

    • Preserve capital – effective maintenance to extend the useful life of power plants, wind farms, pipelines and other assets to defer new purchases and improve ROI

    • Reduce operating expenses – streamline operations, reduce labor costs, consolidate key systems to improve efficiency

    • Increase equipment effectiveness – eliminate recurrent failures and reduce downtimes to maximize output

    • Adapt to policy and regulatory changes – infrastructure supports the ability to adapt quickly, increase governance and reporting

    • Leverage health monitoring and AI to maximize output while predicting issues to minimize outages

    • Support concepts such as reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) and total productive maintenance (TPM)

    • Reduce maintenance costs – improve productivity/reliability/quality, standardize and enforce processes

    • Supports ISO 55000 standards for asset management



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    IoT in Energy – The Next Step

    We are now able to take sensor data and interpret that data to bring relevant and valuable advantages to Maximo.

    In general, maintenance work is carried out today by interval-based inspections and servicing – we can now offer preventative maintenance based up on the information provided by sensors. These sensors could already be installed on current machinery or retrofitted and can provide information previously unobtainable due to advances in technology. The cost and efficiency benefits for work management in manufacturing environments are significant.

    Thankfully, we don’t have to rely on human resource to make use of all of this new data. For example, using Artificial Intelligence (or AI), data can be interpreted quicker and more accurately, with exceptions or specific conditions of interest identified immediately. Maximo can be configured so that specific circumstances trigger work orders, inspections and a whole host of commands and operations. There is huge scope for reducing both the cost of inspections and interval-based maintenance, whilst reducing the downtime of production equipment.

    BPD Zenith uses the IBM IoT Platform to connect assets and bring the information from the assets into Maximo. We are also working with IBM Asset Performance Management and other tools from the IBM Maximo EAM suite to further enhance maintenance operations.

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