Get the most from your Maximo licenses

    BPD Zenith has been implementing Maximo solutions for over 26 years and can advise you on keeping costs down, remaining compliant, and getting the most from your Maximo licenses.

    Our IBM Platinum Maximo Business Partner status ensures that we can offer you access to the best discounts and deals on licensing and renewals through our valued working relationship with IBM.

    We can also provide you with an alternative low-cost monthly subscription fee should you wish to use our MaxiCloud solution.

    Would you like to know more about IBM Maximo licenses? Get in touch using the link below – we’d love to hear from you…

    BPD Zenith is authorized to provide the following software licenses:

    • IBM Maximo Asset Management

    • IBM Maximo Industry Solutions

    • IBM Maximo Add-Ons

    • IBM Maximo Anywhere

    • IBM Maximo Tokens

    • IBM Maximo App Points

    • BPD MaxiCloud

    • BPD Manifesting Application

    • BPD Capital & Requirements Planning Application

    • Promapp Business Process Mapping

    Not only does BPD Zenith have deep technical knowledge of the licenses we offer, we actively work with our Business Partners to get the best deal for our Clients.

    Software License Renewals

    Software License Renewals

    BPD Zenith can assist you with your Annual Software Renewal. Often, customers are unsure what licenses they have and when the license renewal is due. We remove the pain for you by working on your behalf to synchronize your licenses to a single annuity date.

    Maximo Software License Compliance

    Maximo Software License Compliance

    Ensuring you are on the right track with your license usage can sometimes be a difficult and time-consuming exercise. BPD Zenith can conduct a license audit on your system to ensure you are using the correct number and types of licenses for your business. This license audit will enable you to have an effective plan to resolve any issues before they arise.

    Discover how you can control costs with volume based licensing