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    Extend Maximo Manage into the field – any site, any location, any asset.

    • Real-time Work Execution with seamless offline support
    • Mobile Work Management 
    • Asset & Location Management
    • Inventory Management
    • GIS/Spatial Integration
    • Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Compliance
    • Vehicle Inspections
    • Calibration
    • Supply Chain Integration
    • Role-based process configuration managed in Maximo Manage

    How does Fingertip benefit your business?

    Improve Operational Efficiency

    Fingertip optimises your entire field operation by enhancing communication between the field and office, streamlining work management, and reducing manual processes. This leads to faster job completion times, better resource allocation, and a marked increase in overall service delivery efficiency.

    Ensure Process Compliance

    Fingertip enforces your work and business processes using configuration data defined in Maximo Manage. This tight integration ensures that all field operations adhere to predefined workflows and business rules.

    Boost Staff Productivity

    Fingertip equips your teams with a user experience that simplifies workflows, automates data capture, and provides instant access to necessary information, thus increasing efficiency and reducing operational delays.

    Improve First-Time Fix Rate

    By providing immediate access to comprehensive asset histories, maintenance records, and supporting information, Fingertip increases the likelihood of resolving issues on the first visit, significantly reducing return trips and associated costs.


    What our clients say:

    PEL EAM - Engineer on Fingertip

    guerbet“Guerbet is committed to demonstrating compliance and safety. By using Fingertip as the mobile solution, we have a robust calibration capability and the ability to effectively manage and report on asset performance.”
    Brian Doyle, Consultant, Guerbet

    fashion-square“Our Fingertip solution has been upgraded to the latest version. We now have access to Service Requests and Work Centers, helping us organise our team more effectively. The enhanced user design makes it easier for us to complete work using mobile forms for better data quality.”
    Darron Kearns, Maintenance & Facilities Manager, Top Fashion Brand

    dragon-logo“Fingertip is the best solution for us on several levels: simplicity of design, ease of use a single point of support for all systems. Fingertip ATEX gives us an easy to use mobile system that is entirely paperless and integrates directly to our central asset management and maintenance systems.”
    Maintenance Planner, Dragon LNG

    34338_Infinis_Logo_GRY“With the introduction of Fingertip for Maximo to our 190 strong field workforce, Infinis have seen a significant improvement in the real-time reporting of work progress and status. This provided a more accurate view of work to the Planners in our Logistics Centre. We are enthusiastic about the next steps”.
    Neil Douglas, Head of IT, Infinis

    Fingertip Features Overview

    Core Framework

    Includes significant Maximo Manage enhancements for management of users, mobile form design, and extensive work process configuration.
    • Data Management
      Ensure your mobile work force can create, view and update the data the need at the point of work.  Role-based Maximo configuration allows for a mobile experience that adapts to the needs of different roles and work types.   
    • Synchronisation
      Automatic background synchronisation engine that seamlessly transitions between online and offline states to ensure that Maximo Manage is updated whenever network connectivity is available.
    • Security
      Fingertip respects all of Maximo's business rules and data restrictions, fully supports SSO using federated Identity Providers (e.g. Azure AD) and all data is in encrypted both in transit and at rest on the mobile device.
    • Device Hardware Integration
      Fingertip makes full use of your mobile devices supporting capture of photos, barcodes, GPS location and speech-to-text to further improve the quality of your asset maintenance data and improve operational efficiency.  

    Work Execution

    SSR, Mobile Forms, Online Mapping and Work Order management.
    • Comprehensive Work Execution capabilities
      Work details, Asset/Location information, Failure Reporting, Specs, Materials, Tools, Work Logs, Multi-Asset Work Orders, Meter Readings, follow-on work + more!
    • Field Work Order Creation
      Create, assign, and complete Work Orders from the device, or raise new work orders that integrate with Maximo approval and integrated scheduling solutions. 
    • Mobile Forms
      Create revision-controlled Mobile Forms from within Maximo Manage and link them to PMs, Job Plans, Route Stops and Work Orders to meet the data capture needs of your organisation.  Map out your organisations work processes into your mobile forms using Fingertip's powerful yet easy to use rules engine, all from within the Maximo Manage.
    • Work Status Management
      Extensive work status management capabilities including fully automated capture of Labor Actuals, process validation, capture of photos & signatures, Maximo Domain status change reasons and much more.  

    Work Management

    • Self-Assignment
      Authorised users can self-assign work from a list of work ordered tailored for their role / location / craft etc

    • Assign / Dispatch Work
      Supervisors/Schedulers can review, assign, and dispatch work to other Maximo Manage users from their mobile device.

    • Edit Work Assignments
      Permit authorised users to edit work assignments in the field.


    Inventory Management

    Inventory and stores management, cycle counts, balance adjustments, returns and transfers.
    • Issues & Returns
      Issue and return items with barcode scanning or items or bins.
    • Transfers
      Move items between storerooms
    • Stock Counts
      Supports the physical counting of stock quantities
    • Picking & Staging
      Create, View, Edit, and Issue from Inventory Pick Lists

    See below for a short video on Fingertip's Inventory module.

    HSQE Management

    Does not require Maximo HSE manager.
    • Accident & Incident Reporting
      Engineers can report incidents and accidents supported by attachments of photos, collection of incident reports and witness information.
    • Safety Observations
      Users can register safety observations and near misses.
    • Risk Assessments
      An extension to the work execution process and the use of mobile forms to support the completion of a risk assessment before work can start.
    • Vehicle Inspections
      Functionality can be enabled to prevent travel and work proceeding until a vehicle inspection has been created.

    See below for a short video on Fingertip's HSQE module.

    Supply Chain Management

    Support key supply chain processes.
    • Purchase Order Receiving
      Select approved purchase orders from Maximo® and to record both Material and Service receipts.
    • Create Field Purchase Requisition
      Supports the creation if a purchase requisition in either an online or offline mode.
    • My Purchase Orders
      View purchase orders that have been created from the purchased requisitions created by the mobile user.


    Fingertip's Calibration capabilities enable capture of calibration values directly at the asset, with live feedback of calculation results to the user to help streamline the calibration process.
    • Full offline support for all Calibration work
    • Support for both Analog and Discrete Asset Functions
    • Support for both Calibrations Points and Function Checks
    • Single parameter term tolerance (%Reading, %Span, %UV or maxEU) on input or output
    • Intuitive user interface that provides live colour-coded feedback of calibration AsFound/AsLeft statuses.
    • Broken/Faulty failure process with support for supervisor sign-off and exception reporting.
    • Integration with the Tools functionality in Fingertip – View the Calibration Due Date for measurement and test equipment, colour-coded to warn the user if calibration tools are themselves due for Cal.

    See below for a short video on Fingertip's Calibration module.

    Fingertip's Spatial features extend your Maximo Spatial integration beyond the office to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your field operations.

    • View both currently assigned and available work orders on ArcGIS/Google base maps
    • View, Edit and Query Asset geometries (points, paths and polygons)
    • Toggle ArcGIS Layers that have been configured using Maximo’s Map Manager
    • View ArcGIS Feature Layer attributes and zoom to geometry extents
    • Support for Multi-Asset Work Orders Device
    • SatNav integration for route-finding

    See below for a short video on Fingertip's Spatial module.

    PEL EAM - fingertip-sig-carMobile Forms

    Capture the data your business needs at the point of work.

    Fingertip’s Mobile Forms enable you to build forms for mobile data capture with embedded conditional logic to ensure that your processes are carried out on site exactly how you want them to be, with specific actions mandated at each stage.

    Capture a digital sign-off at any stage you want, to help ensure regulatory and safety compliance in the field.

    • Fingertip Mobile Forms are revision controlled records created in Maximo Manage - no customisation required!
    • A wide variety of input types available, from simple text/numeric entry, to adding signatures, reading barcodes, or selecting values from other Maximo Business Objects
    • Enforce best practice processes using our powerful Mobile Forms conditional rules engine
    • Extensive layout options that responsively adapt to different mobile device form factors
    • Work process integration to ensure data is captured when it is needed
    • Create follow-on work orders and service requests directly from mobile form questions

    See below for a short video on Fingertip's Mobile Forms.

    Fingertip Spatial

    • View work orders & assets by point, line or polygon, on a map
    • Add ArcGIS and other mapping data
    • Sort work orders by distance from current location
    • Update asset locations by dropping a pin

    Fingertip Inventory

    • Inventory and stores management, stock counts, picking & staging, returns and transfers.
    • Enables users to perform issues & returns, transfers, counts & adjustments, and manage storerooms. Data is immediately updated in Maximo.

    Fingertip Calibration

    • Maximo’s Calibration capabilities can now be used by your technicians in the field
    • Enables capture of calibration values directly at the asset, with  no need for staff to return to the office.
    • Live feedback of calculation results streamline the calibration process, for faster calibration and reduced asset downtime.

    Fingertip Mobile Forms

    • Enforce your essential processes in the field
    • fully configurable - conditional logic forms enable you to turn complex work processes into simple steps
    • Ensures your workforce follows Industry legislation, guidelines and best practices. 
    • Time-stamped audit trail for evidenced regulatory compliance.

    Fingertip HSQE

    Enables paperless, digital capture and reporting of:

    • Accidents & Incidents
    • Safety Observations
    • Vehicle Inspections
    Your staff can easily record details of any incident, at any location. All details are saved in Maximo to give a full digital record of the incident.


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