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    Wherever you are on your Asset Management Journey…


    Your critical assets can communicate with you.

    Can you understand them?

    Are you listening?

    LoveYourAsset is an asset health monitoring tool, providing instant access to the health, state and condition of your assets through dashboards, reports and alerts - direct to your device…

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    Optimize Your Asset Health Performance

    BPD’s LoveYourAsset is a subscription-based service bringing together asset records, data from IoT devices, or existing data custodian systems such as PI and IoT sensors to provide a simple asset health dashboard.

    This allows you to take appropriate Condition-Based Maintenance actions and make informed asset replacement decisions.

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    Hidden influences can impact the behaviour and performance of your assets...

    These can be uncovered by connecting or equipping your assets with IoT sensors - alerting you to unexpected risks and ineffective measures, with pin-point accuracy.

    By analyzing the data produced by your connected assets, we can begin to prescribe a more optimized, cost-effective maintenance program

    Listen to your Critical Business Assets

    By understanding and setting defined upper and lower thresholds around what is ‘normal’ for your asset, we can generate relevant alerts direct to your device, and even trigger work orders if the conditions are breached.

    Connected assets allow you to monitor critical aspects of their performance based on sensor data including:

    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Vibration
    • Occupancy
    • Location
    • Gas
    • Environmental data
    • Sensors now cover almost every aspect of performance
    Combine up to 5 measurement points to create your asset's health score
    Integrate with your work management system to automatically raise work orders
    Subscribe to health notifications via email or SMS
    Receive weekly reports about your asset's health
    View your assets on simple dashboards via the web

    Preconfigured Integrations for:

    Works with or without an existing EAM in place – completely independent or fully integrated with Maximo or another EAM/CAFM/ CMMS System.

    Supports all available data streams:

    • Watson IoT Platform
    • Kepware
    • PI
    • Telit

    Also available:

    Industry Starter Packs
    White Labelling Option


    Together with Tech Data, we are offering industry starter packs which will allow you to monitor the health of your assets, subscribe to their health via email or SMS, receive alerts and schedule regular reports to share with Maintenance and Reliability departments and managers, viewing live asset health score trends and route cause analysis.

    The subscription service is costed per Asset, with the cost per asset reducing as your needs grow.

    With asset health score trending, organizations are more informed, resulting in better asset efficiency, reduced unplanned downtime, increased production output and reduced maintenance and resource costs.

    Subscribe your critical assets today with a free trial!