BPD Zenith has worked with NHS and other Healthcare organizations around the world to implement, upgrade or support their asset management systems. In one of the most difficult periods the NHS has ever had to face, BPD are providing CAFM solutions to ensure that facilities and equipment are safely maintained to achieve the high standards and service levels the industry demands.

    Optimizing Service Levels in the NHS & Healthcare sectors

    Optimizing Service Levels in the NHS & Healthcare sectors

    In an already heavily regulated and globally competitive environment, NHS and Healthcare organizations are constantly looking for ways to contain FM costs and reduce risk while remaining compliant. These challenges have increased dramatically due to the global pandemic.

    Our Maximo solutions allow the flexibility to adapt, and directly address these concerns by enabling Estates & Facilities Managers to better manage the assets that directly impact performance and patient satisfaction.

    Smart Enterprise Asset Management (SEAM) for Healthcare

    BPD Zenith works with an ecosystem of partners with a whole asset lifecycle and data flow mindset. The SEAM platform takes best-of-breed asset management software and provides add-ons for digital twins, IoT, BMS, sustainability and e-Procurement solutions. This interoperable approach provides integrated technology for reusable data, insights, trend analysis, alert management and evidence-based decision making – from cradle to grave.

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    For hospitals with legacy estates, too many disjointed systems can cause data siloes that are difficult to manage. For new builds, let’s get it right from the very start! With the right data joined up, SEAM will deliver desired business outcomes such as reducing maintenance backlogs, target net-zero carbon emissions, and enhancing patient or staff well-being, service quality, personnel productivity, or asset reliability.


    EAM Automation with Health Technical Memoranda (HTMs) from SFG20 by BESA

    BPD has integrated SFG20 via API to IBM Maximo making uploading/updating of SFG20 schedules automated, along with Work Order generation and Job Plans via the interface.

    In collaboration with the Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management (IHEEM), SFG20 has created a set of maintenance task schedules specifically for the healthcare sector that are aligned to the Health Technical Memoranda (HTMs).

    HTMs provide guidance and advice on the design, installation and operation of specialised building and engineering technology used in the delivery of healthcare. There are over 100 SFG20 healthcare schedules that have been built on the core elements of SFG20 and the requirements of the HTMs, combining current statutory requirements, industry guidance and best practice, specifically designed for hospitals, NHS Trust, dentists, vets and doctors surgeries. BPD is ensuring compliance with HTMs via its SFG20 integration.

    Specific healthcare sets include:

    • Decontamination
    • Medical gases
    • Ventilation
    • Lifts
    • Water
    • Fire
    • Electrical

    The healthcare schedules have had technical input and support from Sodexo and have been specifically designed for hospitals, NHS Trusts, dentists, vets and doctors’ surgeries.

    IBM Maximo is designed with the flexibility to integrate with other data and platforms, and so SFG20 and HTM data can be integrated and used within the system. This allows the user to upload pre-defined work schedules, maintenance plans, and other information directly into Maximo. However, to manually update these work schedules takes a lot of effort and resource – this is required on a regular basis due to compliancy.


    BPD Zenith’s SFG20 EAM Integration Adaptor not only takes care of the synchronization of your subscribed HTM schedules and plans with your EAM system; it regularly checks to ensure you’re fully up-to-date and compliant with the latest legislation, and updates or creates new Job Tasks where required, allowing automation of Work Orders, Reports and many other processes.

    • Schedule a regular ‘update check’ through the SFG20 interface and identify any changes to SFG20 schedules and plans, due to changes in current legislation.
    • Maximo Authenticates against the SFG20 API using your subscription details, then makes a request to retrieve the latest information available to your SFG20 account.
    • Create new Job Plans in Maximo if they don’t already exist, ready to be used against Maintenance Schedules.
    • Response data is processed by Automation Scripts in Maximo and applied to the corresponding Job Plan, or a new job plan is created where they don’t already exist.
    • Update existing Job Plans in Maximo using the built-in revision functionality, and notify a predefined group of users about the changes, ready for their approval
    • Job Plans are set to Pending Revision or Draft (if new) and sent for review to a predefined set of named users with email notifications.
    • Flexibility to manage updates and mappings, all controlled from within your enterprise asset management system.
    • No requirement for opening firewall ports or allowing incoming connections.

    Here are some of the benefits and enhancements BPD’s SFG20/HTM EAM Integration Adaptor can offer you:

    • Automation of manual entry – completely remove the resource requirement to enter your subscribed SFG20 schedules and plans.
    • Remove the resource requirement for any future manual checks and updates.
    • Avoid any risk of human error due to manual input.
    • Standardization/Certification/Compliance ‘built-in’ – data is available and accessible from Maximo as and when required, or through automated scheduled compliance reporting and other analytic tools.
    • Flexible and configurable to your business needs and processes.
    • Quickly and authoritatively confirms correct maintenance procedures.
    • Enables definitive specification-setting for maintenance contracts.
    • An unrivalled tool for ensuring legal compliance.
    • Provides fast and easy access to essential information
    • Saves time

    Would you like to know more about current SFG20 / HTMs projects and recent implementations? Click here to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you

    EAM Automation with Health Technical Memoranda (HTMs) from SFG20 by BESA

    “SFG20 has simplified the task of setting specifications for our maintenance contractors at the same time as making sure we’re following all correct procedures.”
    (Brian Dunne, PPM Manager, Estates Department Operations Office St George’s Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust)



    Our Healthcare Offerings

    • Maximo Service Provider add on – to help you manage assets and services for customers

    • Superior management reports – tailored to your specific requirements so you can always understand the state of play at the facilities you manage

    • Mobility solutions – to help you achieve better quality data; have a more proactive and responsive workforce; ease administrative burdens and reduce your paper trail

    • Centralized Helpdesk for managing service requests to resolution across your estate

    • Improve the Scheduling of work – to help optimize your engineer’s day and maximize their productivity based on their skills, availability and location

    • Support for industry standards such as ISO 55000, SFG20 and BIM Level 2

    • Management and monitoring of KPIs and SLAs

    • Management and control of customer billing

    • Integration to BMS and Asset Health Sensor solutions for monitoring HVAC and water systems

    Discover more about our NHS and Healthcare Experience

    Discover how BPD Zenith has worked with the NHS and Healthcare organizations to implement and support their CAFM systems.