BPD Zenith has worked with pharmaceutical manufacturers, biotech and medical device manufacturers to implement, upgrade or support their asset management systems. This includes calibration solutions to optimize the quality of products produced.

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    Discover how a major UK Pharmaceutical Manufacturer realized a 40% reduction of unplanned manufacturing and production work orders in a 6-month period...

    Optimizing Asset Performance

    Optimizing Asset Performance

    In a heavily regulated and globally competitive industry, life sciences organizations are constantly looking for ways to contain costs and reduce risk while remaining compliant.

    Maximo solutions directly address these concerns by enabling executives to better manage the assets that directly impact business performance such as manufacturing equipment, precision instruments, warehouse machinery, and computing equipment.

    Maximo has an industry solution specifically for the Life Sciences sector. It consolidates solutions under one umbrella – asset and service management, calibration, mobile calibration, corrective and preventive actions (CAPA) support – and integrates with RFID, SCADA systems and LIMS.

    Enforce your processes anywhere, with Fingertip Mobile EAM

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    Work effectively in hazardous environments

    BPD's Fingertip mobile EAM solution extends Maximo’s capabilities to your engineers and technicians, to enable maintenance of your assets, wherever they are. Fingertip allows data to be entered at point-of-work, and automatically syncs with Maximo. Fingertip can also work entirely offline, which is ideal for ATEX inspections in volatile or hazardous environments. Fingertip then uploads the data to Maximo when a connection is re-established.

    • Enforce your processes at the point of work with Fingertip’s Mobile Forms, using complex conditional logic to guide your engineers through every stage
    • Capture e-sig or hard signature for every process
    • Issue work orders at the point of work
    • Eliminates paper-based processes, avoids duplication of work, reduces errors
    • Ensure all Maximo users have real-time data from all your locations

    Our Fingertip app provides you with unrivalled business benefits, and our experts will configure it in the best possible way to match your requirements.

    Calibrate your equipment and tools

    Fingertip’s Calibration Module enables critical calibration of equipment at the point-of-work. Your equipment can be calibrated without needing to return to base or keep paper notes. Fingertip keeps a record of the whole calibration process, with a hard signature, as part of your digital audit trail.

    • Maintain regulatory compliance
    • Ensure a full digital authorisation trail
    • Significantly reduce time spent on calibration

    BPD are experts in the life sciences sector, and will deliver Maximo and Fingertip to your exact requirements.

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    Discover more about our Life Sciences Experience

    Discover how BPD Zenith has worked with Life Sciences organizations to implement and support their asset management systems.

    Our Life Sciences Offerings

    • Full Calibration and Mobile Calibration functionalities

    • Support (asset-related) CAPA

    • Provide Compliance Assistance Documentation in Validation projects including FDA compliance

    • Include all types of assets, including all assets containing IP-addresses e.g. SCADA, PLCs etc.

    • Reduce risk by ensuring all aspects of compliance

    • Decrease time, cost and risk associated with bringing new products to the market

    • Reduce cost of specialized equipment parts

    • Provide global visibility and placement of critical, high value spare parts

    • Manage globalization of life sciences and healthcare markets

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    Major UK Pharmaceutical Manufacturer


    BPD Zenith was recently chosen to implement a large IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management upgrade project for a major UK-based commercial pharmaceutical company.

    This was due to BPD having the required regulatory and quality assurance experience. BPD also has a proven track record of greenfield and upgrade implementations including mobile solutions and Cognos reporting...



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    Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Improving Data Quality & Compliance in Enterprise Asset Management


    Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Life Sciences are of the most heavily regulated industries in business today.

    Pharma & Healthcare have experienced the most challenging period in their history - optimization while remaining compliant is more important than ever, as the world adapts to COVID-19 and races to provide a vaccine...


    LoveYourAsset - IoT in Life Sciences – The Next Step

    Automation is not new in the life sciences industry. The resulting insights and efficiencies enable companies to drive life-changing therapies to market faster while improving safety and reducing costs. 

    Sensors and data capture using an IoT platform have huge benefits in the supply chain. For example, Pharmaceutical products have very particular shipping requirements and one of the biggest challenges is maintaining a stable temperature of products across the whole distribution chain. Trackers and sensors can monitor things liks location, temperature and shock to give users real-time updates and alerts. This is important for organizations to know how to optimize routes or avoid exposure to harsh environments.