Most ports are now heavily automated for containers, bulk cargoes and oil. This makes it essential that your mechanical assets are well maintained, to avoid unplanned outages and failures, which could cause bottlenecks and disproportionate on-costs.

    BPD Zenith can help you get the best outcomes from IBM Maximo, with our class-leading, tried-and-tested cloud, mobile and scheduling solutions.
    We can help you to get more out of your assets, while reducing costs.


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    Improving the reliability and availability of key operational equipment.

    MaxiCloud, with Maximo Application Suite (MAS) at its core, gives you access to a huge range of apps which are proven to address current challenges in the Ports industry. And Fingertip mobile EAM solution is perfect for managing assets remotely over very large sites, and even offshore, maintaining a live link with Maximo at all times.

    Maximo Application Suite has the tools to help you improve effectiveness and reduce costs - MaxiCloud makes it easy, and has a range of tried-and-tested solutions to bring added value to MAS, getting you up and running sooner, including:

    • MaxiCloud Essentials toolset
    • Industry-specific accelerators
    • MaxiCloud SaaS
    • Fingertip mobile EAM
    • DataStudio data loading tool
    • automatic scheduling tools

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    How does MaxiCloud benefit ports?


    BPD Zenith have worked extensively with port clients.

    Through MaxiCloud, we can implement Maximo for you quickly and easily, through our fully managed, securely hosted EAM solution, which includes:

    • BPD's unique Essentials package including base data, enhancements and configurations for your industry
    • Performance and security best practice managed by BPD’s dedicated Global Infrastructure Team
    • High availability, 99.99% uptime, resilient options for Disaster Recovery
    • Complete service subscription packages (licensing, support and infrastructure) offer flexibility to unlock additional functionality and features as you go
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    Maximo Application Suite (MAS) apps can provide real benefits for ports, including:

    • Maximo Monitor – enables remote sensor-based monitoring of assets.
    • Maximo Health & Predict – combines current and historic data to spot performance anomailes earlier - enabling you to avoid costly equipment failures and outages.
    • Visual Inspection – automated visual checking for anomalies, measured against parameters that you set.
    • Maximo Assist – means your maintenance teams have instant access to an asset’s performance and maintenance history, resulting in faster fixes.

    Your Maximo system can operate over many different sites, and is ideal for linear assets. It can use remote sensors, connected via your own 5G network, to ensure that you have live data available for all your assets, at all times, including in difficult weather conditions.

    Maximo enables you to:

    • Increase asset uptime, and keep your assets working optimally
    • Improve first-time fix rate, reduce repair times
    • Guarantee a digital audit trail for all work, for regulatory compliance
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    Ensure regulatory compliance with Fingertip mobile EAM

    Our Fingertip mobile EAM solution extends Maximo into the field, and enables Maximo to be updated directly at the point-of-work, in real time. This means that your maintenance teams always have the asset information they need, wherever they are.

    Fingertip is also an essential tool for regulatory compliance, as you can capture a signature for all work carried out, and enforce your processes at the point of work, using configurable mobile forms.

    • Enforce your processes at the point of work with Fingertip’s Mobile Forms, using complex conditional logic to guide your engineers through every stage
    • Capture e-sig or hard signature for every process
    • Issue work orders remotely
    • Engineers have access to asset maintenance history and details, for faster fixes.
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    More efficient maintenance, and automated scheduling of engineers

    Maximo can help rail businesses by reducing their maintenance costs. MAS applications such as Monitor and Predict can combine current sensor data with historic data, to enable more efficient planning of maintenance. This can reduce both reactive maintenance, and fixed periodic over-maintenance.

    Maximo also includes sophisticated scheduling tools, to ensure that your maintenance crews’ time is planned most efficiently, so that the nearest, or most suitably qualified, engineers attend each job.

    Scheduling can also be automated, so that maintenance work is allocated and reallocated on a live basis, according to the actual availability of engineers – for example, a team’s other work can be automatically reallocated to other teams, if the current job is taking a lot longer than expected.

    Guaranteeing safety of all staff

    It is crucial that the safety of engineers in the rail industry is never compromised. For example, many engineers work near asbestos or extremely high voltage.

    Maximo can log any safety hazards (so these are anticipated in subsequent visits), and can also support the organisation to manage permits and safe access, which ensures that you have the right specifications and permits before entering a hazardous area.

    Our mobile EAM solution Fingertip works on ATEX devices, which enables your engineers to access Maximo in hazardous areas if required.

    Maximo and Fingertip are also extremely convenient tools for reporting faults and incidents, if one occurs.