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    The Defence sector faces unique challenges in maintaining and managing complex equipment and systems effectively...


    This can often result in increased downtime, higher maintenance costs, and reduced operational efficiency... EAM solutions like IBM Maximo Application Suite can help the sector overcome these challenges by providing real-time data, optimising maintenance activities, improving cost-effectiveness, and ensuring the protection of sensitive data and equipment from cyber threats..


    By adopting tried and tested methods, proven over years of varying Maximo implementations, EAM solutions can improve asset management, ensure operational readiness, and maintain a competitive edge in the sector...

    The Aerospace & Defence sector is facing several asset management challenges in 2023...

    • Increasing asset complexity

    • Adoption of new aerospace technologies

    • Cost management in asset operations

    • Data management for aerospace assets

    • Workforce management in the aerospace industry

    • Cybersecurity concerns in aerospace and defence systems

    IBM Maximo offers a comprehensive asset management solution tailored for the Aerospace & Defence sector to overcome these challenges. It provides customized workflows specifically designed for aerospace and defence, comprehensive asset tracking and management capabilities, integration with advanced aerospace technologies, streamlined work processes for efficient operations, mobile accessibility for remote asset management, and robust security features to ensure the protection of aerospace and defence assets.

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    Supply Chain/Procurement - Mercateo Integration

    Mercateo Unite logo

    Unite’s e-procurement platform provides the public sector with a 'Tail Spend' Solution...

    BPD Zenith has integrated IBM Maximo with Mercateo - allowing users to easily create, order, and re-order items from the Mercateo/Unite procurement platform, all from within IBM Maximo...


    Our real-time API interface pulls through product information from the Mercateo platform directly into IBM Maximo. Access real-time Mercateo catalogue data including product description, image, datasheets, attributes, stock availability, lead time & price, from an approved list of suppliers and pre-agreed pricing, allowing the user to select an item based on priority criteria (availability, price, lead-time, sustainability, supplier, fit for purpose, etc.) 

    Procurement tailored to your needs

    Take control and create your own B2B marketplace with user management. Activate pre-integrated BusinessShops from suppliers in the Unite Store and access them immediately. Cover your ad-hoc needs in our Spotmarket at any time.

    Unite is a named supplier on the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Tail Spend Solution Framework (RM6202). Through Unite’s Mercateo Procurement Portal, buyers across the public and third sector have single and immediate access to a diverse and extensive supplier base of pre-qualified businesses.


    Maintenance Schedule/Compliance - SFG20 Integration


    EAM Automation with Health Technical Memoranda (HTMs) from SFG20 by BESA

    BPD has integrated SFG20 via API to IBM Maximo making uploading/updating of SFG20 schedules automated, along with Work Order generation and Job Plans via the interface...

    BPD Zenith’s SFG20 EAM Integration Adaptor not only takes care of the synchronisation of your subscribed SFG20 schedules and plans with your EAM system but it regularly checks to ensure you’re fully up-to-date and compliant with the latest legislation.

    It updates/creates new Job Tasks where required, allowing automation of Work Orders, Reports, and many other processes - as well as peace of mind....

    • Automation of manual entry – completely remove the resource requirement to enter your subscribed SFG20 schedules and plans
    • Remove the resource requirement for any future manual checks and updates
    • Avoid any risk of human error due to manual input
    • Standardisation/Certification/Compliance ‘built-in’ – data is available and accessible from Maximo as and when required, or through automated scheduled compliance reporting and other analytic tools
    • Flexible and configurable to your business needs and processes

    “SFG20 has simplified the task of setting specifications for our maintenance contractors at the same time as making sure we’re following all correct procedures.”
    (Brian Dunne, PPM Manager, Estates Department Operations Office St George’s Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust)




    IBM Maximo - SFG20 Integration Adapter

    Schedule a regular ‘update check’ through the SFG20 interface and identify any changes to SFG20 schedules and plans due to changes in current legislation
    -Maximo Authenticates against the SFG20 API using your subscription details, then makes a request to retrieve the latest information available to your SFG20 account

    Create new Job Plans in Maximo if they don’t already exist, ready to be used against Maintenance Schedules
    -Response data is processed by Automation Scripts in Maximo and applied to the corresponding Job Plan, or a new job plan is created where they don’t already exist

    Update existing Job Plans in Maximo using the built-in revision functionality, and notify a predefined group of users about the changes, ready for their approval
    -Job Plans are set to ‘Pending Revision’ or ‘Draft’ (if new) and sent for review to a predefined set of named users with email notifications

    Flexibility to manage updates and mappings, all controlled from within your enterprise asset management system
    -No requirement for opening firewall ports or allowing incoming connections

    Our Public Sector Offerings

    BPD Zenith’s work with Public Sector, Government, Defence and Aerospace organizations has been primarily via our work with Facilities Management Clients, where the end client of the Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) system is a Public Sector organization.

    Either directly or indirectly we have implemented, upgraded or managed CAFM, asset management and estate management systems for:

    • Australian Defence Force

    • Calgary Parking Authority

    • City Parks Services (Auckland Council)

    • Government Agency

    • Ministry of Defence

    • Ministry of Justice

    • RAF

    • Royal Navy

    Example: G-Cloud (UK Government)

    G-Cloud 12 is a pre-approved UK Government purchasing framework that enables public sector organisations to compare and procure solutions through its Digital Marketplace.