Our Utilities Offerings

    The highly complex systems that Utilities companies manage require a robust and highly available Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to ensure that they are safe, compliant and profitable.

    More specifically a CMMS for this industry must address:

    • Large, Complex Hard Assets

    • Preventative Maintenance Regimes

    • Work Management Approvals

    • Purchasing & Inventory

    • Resource Scheduling via Crews & Skills

    • Safety & Incident Management

    • Problem, Cause & Remedy Analysis

    • Smart Metering & Condition Monitoring

    • Tools & Asset Calibration

    IoT in Power & Utilities – The Next Step

    Transformers degrade and lose efficiency over time. This causes the amount of current going through it to increase which is expensive.

    Another challenge is oil degradation which causes a build-up of gas inside the transformer. Large transformers could be fitted with IoT enabled gas sensors to detect build up. For the smaller transformers, we can look at the overall asset health by monitoring conditions such as temperature, current in and out, oil temperature and ambient temperature.

    These IoT solutions will offer longer life, better power transfer and greater efficiency.

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