BPD Zenith delivers MaxiCloud for Renewables to wind farms globally to support their safe operations via works and inventory management, planning and scheduling, mobility and asset lifecycle management.

    BPD Zenith’s experience in Renewables

    BPD Zenith’s experience in Offshore Wind & Renewable Energy


    BPD Zenith has implemented our MaxiCloud for Offshore Wind Accelerator across the globe and has a first-hand understanding of the shared challenges involved for operators and maintainers. MaxiCloud for Offshore Wind reflects BPD Zenith’s over 25 years of offshore asset management experience. Our solution has had design input from industry experts such as Generating Better and BPD Clients including London Array, Marubeni and Swancor Renewable Energy.

    Based on our extensive experience, we understand the challenges facing the industry. These include:


    • Young industry means a lack of knowledgeable resources available (skills gap)
    • Only a small amount of historical data on which to base asset lifecycle decisions
    • Challenging environments (weather, tides and sea depth) of operating and maintaining wind farms makes scheduling and delivery of work difficult
    • High degree of safety requirements in a heavily regulatory environment
    • Logistical challenges surrounding inventory management to offshore sites
    • Asset downtime leading to major loss of revenue
    • Lack of industry standards regarding asset and O&M data
    • Lack of integrated or connected systems leading to data “islands”

    Take your EAM to the point-of-work with Fingertip Mobile EAM Solution

    PEL EAM - fingertip-wind-turbines

    Making your field teams more productive

    A major challenge for offshore wind providers is the huge areas that your sites often cover, which can make it difficult to detect and promptly identify maintenance issues.

    Additionally, your maintenance technicians need to plan their work orders and routes meticulously. Fingertip works in conjunction with scheduling solutions to minimise sailing time, and other periods of inactivity, ensuring efficient use of your teams' time and resources.

    BPD's Fingertip mobile EAM solution enables your teams to have access to Maximo data wherever they are. Fingertip can operate either with a live connection to Maximo, or completely independently – syncing only when a live connection is re-established. This is ideal for offshore environments, where the ability to operate in non-network mode can be essential.

    PEL EAM - ft modules diagram BPD 201123

    • Enforce your processes at the point of work with Fingertip’s Mobile Forms, using complex conditional logic to guide your engineers through every stage
    • Real time data in the field and in the office
    • Issue work orders to engineers in the field
    • Eliminates paper-based processes, avoids duplication of work, reduces errors
    • Access to asset and work history improves first-time-fix rate
    • Raise follow-on work orders at point of work
    • GIS and linear asset availability
    • Deploy to all major mobile devices types (including ATEX) and operating systems
    • Can support hundreds of concurrent users
    • Works with scheduling to minimise engineer downtime

    Fingertip's range of modules enable configuration to suit your specific business needs.


    London Array - When the winds blow, our assets perform...!

    AiTalks speaks with Lucy Horner from London Array Limited who maintain a critical electricity production wind farm out in the Thames Estuary.  

    You will hear from Lucy as she describes the levels of integration, planning, safety and compliance necessary to 'keep the lights on' for consumers,  and how the role of IBM's Maximo enterprise asset platform is a key pivot for Lucy and the team to be proactive and on top of resilient operations. Lucy gives some great graphic descriptions of the challenges of just accessing turbines against weather conditions, logistics of managing engineers, tools and work orders - all supported by  Maximo software. We even manage to squeeze in drones and AI!!! 

    "A real inspiring podcast of how data can create extrinsic value for us all. Well worth a listen! 
    A big thanks to Richard Donaldson from BPD Zenith, the IBM business partner who has worked successfully with London Array for many years."


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    IndSol-Wind-NextSteps-400x250Lucy Horner (then Maintenance Strategy Engineer) joined the AiTalks podcast last year to discuss her world of offshore wind provision, the levels of integration, planning, safety and compliance necessary to ‘keep the lights on’ for consumers, and how the role of IBM’s Maximo enterprise asset management (EAM) platform is a key pivot for the team to be proactive and on top of resilient operations.


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    BPD-Offshore-Wind-EngineerBPD Zenith have worked with owners and suppliers of Offshore Wind Farms for a few years now and while the industry has had its fair share of stumbles and delays, recent news and events show a very bright future for the industry...


    BPD Zenith - IBM Maximo for Offshore Wind

    BPD Maximo Offshore Wind F Cover

    Maximo for Offshore Wind reflects BPD Zenith’s 20 years of offshore asset management experience. With design input from industry experts such as Generating Better and BPD Client London Array, BPD Zenith is offering the Offshore Wind industry a compelling home-grown solution.


    Built from IBM Maximo, the world’s leading asset management system for critical operations, Maximo for Offshore Wind has been support by GROW:OffshoreWind.

    MaxiCloud for Offshore Wind

    • Take charge of your asset data with enhanced Asset Management processes and make meaningful comparisons across your wind farm portfolio

    • Support for end-to-end supply chain management – Suppliers, contracts, warranties, procurement and spares management

    • Health, Safety & Environment processes including support for Approved Work Procedure and Safety Documents, Risk Assessments, Permit to Work and Incident reporting

    • Role-based access for key roles including Authorized Technician, Operational Controller, Planner, Senior Authorized Person etc.

    • Enhanced Warranty Management processes
    • Full Work Order History and Analysis including Mean Time Between Failures, Backlog, Open Jobs, Status of Statutory Inspections and more

    • Enhanced Work Management processes

    • Integration-ready with condition monitoring systems – set thresholds on assets to trigger an inspection or other intervention

    • Weather aware – weather conditions calendar and planned work ‘roll back’ function

    • Mobile working to capture data at the point of maintenance

    IoT in Renewables – The Next Step

    IoT and AI has the potential to offer significant advantages to offshore wind maintenance.

    Turbines are expensive and complex assets that can include many sensors, monitors and power conditioning technology. With the help of this technology, BPD is able to provide data on the functioning of turbines, moving from corrective toward condition-based monitoring. For example, IoT can monitor events or changes in the structural condition that might affect safety or increase risk.

    With condition-based maintenance, repairs are performed once meters go outside of optimal performance, or if an upcoming failure is detected. This reduces costly reactive callouts and increases your asset reliability.

    To find out more about how the next generation Maximo Application Suite can benefit your renewable organization, please contact us for more information or a demo of Mobile, Predict, Monitor or Health.

    Discover BPD’s Maximo for Offshore Wind

    In the wake of the COP26 Summit, discover BPD’s IBM Maximo solutions for offshore wind owners and operators and OFTOs to support the increased demand for renewable energy