Enterprise Asset Management

    Use Enterprise Asset Management to optimize your operations

    From the smallest tools to the largest production plants, each of these assets must be tracked, managed and maintained to support critical business functions.

    Enterprise Asset Management

    What is Enterprise Asset Management?

    Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) provides the key to better managing your physical infrastructure assets from a single, common platform. It consists of an asset register, work order management, and inventory and procurement functions to benefit all functional departments.

    What can EAM do for my business?

    Collect and analyze data on all types of asset

    Collect and analyze data on all types of asset

    Improve operations

    Improve operations through better asset availability, reliability & utilization


    Extend the useful life of all assets or equipment

    New purchases

    Improve return on investment and defer new purchases

    Unify processes across multiple sites

    Unify processes across multiple sites

    See the product behind the EAM solution

    IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management

    Maximo, part of the IBM Watson IoT portfolio, has been consistently recognized as the world’s leading Enterprise Asset Management solution since 1996.

    Enhance your EAM solution with powerful available functionality


    Get remote access from mobile devices to Maximo out in the field. Our recommended mobile solutions are designed to closely integrate with your organization’s Maximo system, providing your field technicians with a modern interface to support your processes, assets and teams.

    Enabling Your Mobile Workforce

    • Remotely access critical data, even while disconnected
    • Real-time status alerts can instantly update fieldworkers, headquarters or customers by text message or email
    • RFID or bar-coding can rapidly identify assets
    • Reduce data entry errors and non-productive activities by allowing users to simply do their work
    • View maps and routes to strategically plan journeys, reducing mileage and travel costs
    • Work with a broad range of instrumented machines and smart devices

    Our consultants will discuss your specific requirements with you to determine which mobile solution best suits your needs, environment and budget.

    As well as the application selection, our team will be able to advise you on additional considerations including platform of choice, RFID/Barcode/QR options, selection and support of devices, device management, and first line user support. If you have your own preferred mobile technology, we can integrate that with Maximo for you, thereby making the most of any existing investment you have made.

    Planning & Scheduling

    Without an effective planning and scheduling program in place, the average technician is wasting 65% of their working day.

    This includes travel, obtaining spare parts and awaiting instruction. If your organization falls into this category, then you are probably swamped with a backlog of work orders and repair activities too. This reactive state of maintenance comes with greater downtime, increased contractors and rework. This is an inefficient and non-productive way of working.

    It is best to maintain your critical assets from day 1 than run to failure. But once you have planned your work, how do you do it at the right time, at the best cost, and in the safest, most productive way?

    By implementing a planning and scheduling solution, our clients are seeing instant benefits – from better prioritization of work, increased wrench-on time, to improved resource utilization.

    Extend your EAM with AI & Analytics

    Let BPD take you on the Asset Performance Management journey