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    LoveYourAsset - Asset Health Monitoring with IOT Devices

    What is an Asset health monitoring system? 

    Asset health monitoring has played an important role in our lives since the very beginning, however methods for performing this key task to achieve  efficient results have been evolving over time. In general terms, Asset health monitoring is a process that helps businesses keep track of the health of their assets and prevent unexpected equipment failures that could lead to production losses, increased maintenance costs, and safety risks. Asset health monitoring and management can help improve the age, condition, performance, and (reduce the maintenance?) cost of an asset. 

    Asset health monitoring systems typically use a range of sensors and monitoring devices to collect data on the performance and condition of industrial assets. The data is then analyzed using machine learning algorithms and other advanced techniques to detect patterns and anomalies that may indicate potential problems. 

    Asset Health Monitoring and LoveYourAsset? 

    LoveYourAsset is an Asset Health Monitoring system which gathers real time asset health data with the help of IOT sensors and builds the profile of an asset. It can help assess the condition, performance, age, maintenance cycle, and reliability of the respective asset.  

    How LoveYourAsset work? 

    LoveYourAsset utilizes IoT sensors to gather real-time data from the subjective asset. This platform communicates with the asset through APIs or MQTT services, creating a dedicated asset profile that depicts its health trends over time. LoveYourAsset can store historical data of an asset, allowing users to set boundaries and limits to notify concerned parties of any asset health anomalies and enable necessary actions to avoid critical failure or shutdown. 

    LoveYourAsset Features and Implementation: 

    LoveYourAsset has a significant impact on the health and lifespan of industrial assets as it can identify even slight anomalies in their functionality with the help of real-time data processing. Assets that require health monitoring are identified, appropriate IOT sensors are installed and interfaced with LoveYourAsset via APIs or MQTT service, sending and receiving real-time data that communicates the asset’s current health status.  

    Following are the key features of LoveYourAsset: 

    - Asset Health Score  

    • Customizable process of monitoring asset health based on data from sensors installed at critical points on the respective assets.
    • Customizable sensor data boundaries and limits depending on the type of asset.
    • Graphical representation of real-time and historical asset health score.

    - Asset location maps 
    - Notification mechanism 

    • Alerts setup via SMS and/or email to notify critical system anomalies.  

    - Reporting  
    - Customizable asset dashboard 
    - Role-based user logins 
    - Asset hierarchy and grouping 

    IOT and LoveYourAsset: 

    LoveYourAsset can be interfaced with a variety of IOT sensors to monitor the respective asset’s health standing. Some of the commonly used sensors for basic Asset Health Monitoring are as follows: 

    - Temperature/ Humidity Sensor         - Vibration Sensor     
    - Motion Sensor                                            - Current Sensor     
    - Battery Sensor                                           - Light Sensor 

    LoveYourAsset Outcomes and datasets: 

    Following are the Asset health data sets which can be derived from an Asset with the help of LoveYourAsset implementation: 

    The users can easily identify the temperature changes on an Asset with the help of the above insights provided by LoveYourAsset with timestamp. Sensor boundaries can also be seen which were configured according to the asset operation and performance constraints. 

    Graphical user interface, application

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    The above dataset can be referenced as a good example for a motion sensor which only returns data in the form of 0’s and 1’s (True and False) 

    Graphical user interface, application

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    Cumulative Asset Health analysis can be reviewed in the above dashboard where an Asset is equipped with Vibration (X, Y and Z axis movement) and Battery Sensors which enables the users to assess the overall health of the referenced Asset. 

    Here is an example of a Global Asset Map which provides collective information of all the Assets health standings which are in Good, Moderate and Critical health. 


    Asset Health Monitoring with LoveYourAsset can assist in predictive maintenance for critical assets and helps improve the life cycle of an asset. You can keep track of your asset operation and performance in real-time using IoT Industry 4.0 technology. 

    Don’t forget to share this information and hope this insight can be useful for all who read it.  If you need further help with Asset Health Monitoring or LoveYourAsset solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us here


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