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    Maximo V8 – Three Big Reasons to move to MaxiCloud’s Fully Managed Service

    By now, I’m sure you’re all aware that Maximo v8 (now to be known as Manage) was recently released in May 2021 and there are a host of new features and benefits that include some of the following:

    • Asset Performance Management (APM) – monitor, health and predict
    • New modules such as visual inspection, assist and worker safety
    • New user permission roles and licensing structure
    • Back-end changes to OpenShift and Containerization

    For anyone but the most dedicated or fanatical Maximo users, this is a major step change. One that brings a lot of uncertainty, but at the same time creates significant opportunities. For many businesses, the move to a Maximo fully managed service has been considered, but not committed. The release of v8 provides the greatest of opportunities for this cloud transition.

    1. The Upgrade Dilemma

    For those still using an on-premise system, there are many burning questions. What version is your business on? How far behind are you? What will our next upgrade cost? When will the IT team have a window in their already crowded schedule?

    A transition to a fully managed service such as MaxiCloud can overcome all of these questions and problems. The majority of clients that BPD Zenith has transitioned to a hosted service have incorporated an upgrade as part of the deployment. Effectively, “killing two birds with one stone”.

    MaxiCloud Upgrades and Benefits

    BPD Zenith’s MaxiCloud is a Managed Software as a Service, meaning it is a dedicated single tenancy. Upgrades are not forced upon the client like a typical SaaS product. Upgrades are scheduled with the client at mutually convenient windows.

    In terms of the back-end changes for v8, moving to the new OpenShift platform and the concept of containerization, BPD Zenith (as a certified IBM partner) have already been working with IBM over the past year to understand and manage these transitions. The move to MaxiCloud’s fully managed service will remove that burden of responsibility and workload for your IT team.

    2. New Licensing Structure

    Maximo (Manage) v8 introduces significant changes in the licensing structure, such as:

    • A change from user structures such as Full Authorized, Limited and Express to what will now be known as Premium, Base and Limited.

    New Licensing Structure

    • The licensing will be driven by the consumption of points assigned to each of these user types. It’s a bit like concurrency licensing, but on steroids
    • A whole new Maximo Mobile platform with enhanced UI and system architecture
    • New APM functionality and other improvements to Maximo. This new licensing structure comes with an uplifted pricing structure as well (increased costs).

    Optimized Maximo License Transition

    In a previous blog, “The catalyst behind the MaxiCloud platform,” I noted the benefits of license optimization using BPD’s MaxiCloud platform, whether it be License management, for the transition period to cloud or the MaxiCloud fully managed service option.

    The arrival of Maximo (Manage) v8 and the new license structure makes these benefits even more compelling.

    • BPD Zenith have been working with IBM in the background to fully understand the new license structure (for long time Maximo devotees, we know this is never an easy task!)
    • BPD have been able to combine the benefits of both concurrency and now consumption to provide a more simplified license offering to the client.
    • Using a volume based license model, BPD can pass on all the benefits of license flexibility (monthly subscriptions), value and savings that all end users and businesses now demand.

    3. MaxiCloud Availability, Security & Resilience

    The MaxiCloud platform is built on the three pillars of Availability, Security and Resilience. As many of you are aware, cyber security and ransomware attacks are becoming more common and many high profile company have experienced breaches.

    To protect your company and its reputation, BPD Zenith have refined their approach to system security over our 6 year MaxiCloud journey to include risk mitigation practices and protections in the following areas:

    • Application Vulnerabilities
    • System Vulnerabilities
    • Network Security and Protection
    • Account Management & Credentials
    • Proactive System Monitoring and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
    • Edge Devices and Distributed Denial of Attack (DDoS) protection

    If you want more information in regard to any of the above security practices, you can find them at this link here, MaxiCloud Security when the head of BPD’s Global Infrastructure Team, Steven Cliff presented at a quarterly ANZ MaxiCloud user group meeting.

    Therefore, when considering the path to Maximo v8, also consider the three reasons for the move to a fully managed service such as MaxiCloud. As a certified IBM Maximo Business Partner, BPD Zenith have developed a clear roadmap for the transition, offering the expertise for the new infrastructure, price certainty for licensing over the long term and proven system security certified to the various global standards.

    Finally, if you would like to learn more about BPD Zenith can offer, contact us at: 


    MaxiCloud Availability, Security & Resilience

    Key features of Maximo v8

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