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    Helping the NHS & Healthcare sector transform facilities management with CAFM

    BPD Healthcare NHS CAFM Facilities Management


    As one of the most important and resilient sectors in the world, healthcare relies upon its people and data to run estates and facilities safely and efficiently. In a time when return on public spending for facilities management faces real scrutiny and accountability, BPD are delivering CAFM systems that will enable NHS Trusts to have a clear and auditable view of all assets – their availability, condition, state of cleanliness and location.


    NHS CAFM Transformation

    CAFM (computer aided facility management) is by no means a new concept for public healthcare estates, but how many can say they have adequate systems in place? Plus, with COVID bringing about specific challenges in the maintenance and cleaning of assets, BPD Zenith is here to help you respond.  The effective use of the industry leading IBM Maximo product suite is an important part of this journey, and a more data-driven and strategic approach could be what takes you from treading water to digital transformation.

    In one of the most difficult periods the NHS has ever had to face, BPD are providing CAFM solutions to ensure that healthcare facilities and equipment are safely maintained to achieve the high standards and service levels on which the public relies upon…

    Maximo CAFM from BPD Zenith

    A fully comprehensive CAFM system will support your entire estate to manage the wide range of tasks, people, and crucial day-to-day services. With a single source of the truth and a collaborative workforce, the knock-on effect is patient satisfaction and cost savings – which is always a top priority.

    Helping the NHS & Healthcare sector transform facilities management with CAFM

    Information is the lifeblood for FM and there are significant opportunities for efficiencies and performance improvements in CAFM:

    • Single version of the truth – accessible information and evidence all in one place to help you generate programmes of work based on priorities, compliance, and targets
    • Centralised Helpdesk for managing service requests to resolution across your estate
    • Understand and manage your space, buildings, and occupancy
    • Maximo Service Provider add on – to help you manage assets and services for customers and subcontractors
    • Management reports – tailored to your contractual SLAs and KPIs so you can always understand the state of play at the facilities you manage
    • Mobility solutions – to help you achieve better quality data; have a more proactive and responsive workforce; ease administrative burdens and reduce your paper trail
    • Improve the Scheduling of work – to help optimise your engineer’s day and maximise their productivity based on their qualifications/skills, availability, and location
    • Support for healthcare industry standards such as ISO 55000, integrations to SFG20/HTMs and BIM Level 2
    • Integration to BMS and other business critical IT applications
    • Asset Health Sensor solutions for monitoring HVAC and water systems
    • Management and control of customer billing
    • End user Training program – ensuring your staff understand the business benefits the system will bring as well as how to use it in their day-to-day jobs
    • Framework for future growth and digital transformation through mobile technology, asset health monitoring and prediction capabilities

    User Friendly CAFM System

    BPD works closely with its end users such as cleaners, porters, and technicians to create a user friendly and role-based system. For example, with a centralised Helpdesk, users are guided through every step of the process for raising a service request from their mobile device and are unable to proceed to the next page until all the required information is entered. This UX along with good end user training ensures user acceptance and adoption of the system. This improves the quality of the data entered for your organisation’s performance management and analysis.

    Maximo Integration of SFG20/HTMs to NHS CAFM Systems

    BPD Zenith are the only IBM Maximo partner for BESA’s SFG20. SFG20 is recognised as the industry standard for building maintenance specification. An interactive web-based service, SFG20 has a growing library of maintenance task schedules, currently covering many equipment types and over 1000 individual schedules specialist services. This includes a set of maintenance task schedules specifically for the healthcare sector that are aligned to the Health Technical Memoranda (HTMs).   With BPD’s Maximo integration to your SFG20 subscription (using APIs), you can remain compliant with the HTMs and standards which the industry requires. Specific tasks relevant to your business can be easily scheduled and customised, saving you time, energy, and money. You can also schedule a regular ‘update check’ through the SFG20 interface and identify any changes to SFG20 schedules and plans due to changes in current legislation.

    View BPD’s on demand webinar on SFG20.



    BPD Zenith is a supplier of IBM Maximo CAFM software on Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) Lot 2: Cloud Software G-Cloud 13 framework. Link here to benefit from a quicker procurement route or contact us directly.


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