by | Mar 24, 2020

    Maximo and Attachments

    Have you ever wished for a faster way to attach a file to a record in Maximo? Or even attach multiple files without even opening Maximo? If your answer is ‘yes’ to any or all of these questions then keep reading as I am going to show you two pieces of the finest Maximo functionality related to attachments, all developed here in house at BPD Zenith.

    In this blog, I will demonstrate the following:
    – Attach file(s) to Maximo record using Drag and Drop Custom Control
    – ‘Attachment by Email’ to Maximo record without needing to open Maximo by sending email with attachment.

    Drag and Drop Custom Control for Maximo attachments

    BPD Zenith has developed a custom control that can be added to any application in Maximo that supports attachments. In ‘Asset’ application, rather than using the ‘Attachments’ link to add files through multiple clicks, you are only required to drag the files you need and drop them into drop zone of the control.

    Maximo and Attachments

    ~ Drag and Drop feature ~

    How to use Control:

    1. Deploy Control to Maximo.
    2. In application designer, open Control palette and you’ll find ‘BPD Drag and Drop’ control.

    Maximo and Attachments

    ~ Locate ‘BPD Drag and Drop’ in Controls’ ~

    3. Drag and drop the ‘Drag and Drop’ Control (😊) to application. If you are seasoned in manipulating applications through application designer, you can reorganise your application by creating a separate section and placing Control in that section.

    Maximo and Attachments

    ~ Drag the ‘Drag and Drop’ control as shown ~

    4. Go to Asset application (or the application of your choice) and select record
    5. Pick the required files from desktop and drop them into drop zone of control. These attachments will be attached to the Maximo record.

    Maximo and Attachments

    ~ Go to the application of your choice and select record. Now your Drag and Drop control should be good to go! ~

    Maximo Attachments by Email

    If you are lazy like me, the next logical step is to attach the files to the record in Maximo without physically needing to open Maximo. This feature is particularly useful in cases when you are not in a position to use Maximo, or when your contractor needs to submit the weekly report on Work Order, but you want to skip the part where you need to extract files from mails and personally attach them to the respective Work Orders.

    The solution is simple;
    1. Create mail
    2. Attach files
    3. Put in subject DOC:NUM, where DOC is the short form of the application file you are attaching e.g. A – Asset, PO – Purchase Order, WO – Work Order… and NUM is respective Asset Num, PO Num, WO Num etc..
    4. Enter the mail address that Maximo is listening to and
    5. It’s done… now you just need to send the email!

    Maximo and Attachments

    ~ Attachment by email ~

    After a couple of minutes, you will receive a feedback email.

    Maximo and Attachments

    ~ Feedback email ~

    This email notifies you that your document has been updated and your file(s) are attached.

    In Maximo, the record looks similar to the following image. We can now see 3 new Maximo attachments have been added to the Asset.

    Maximo and Attachments

    ~ How the record appears in Maximo ~

    I hope you enjoyed these two very useful pieces of functionality.

    We are always coming up with new ways to add value to your Maximo experience by developing these value-add features. If you would like to know more about this or any other product BPD Zenith is developing, please contact us.

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