BPD Cognos Business Intelligence Packs

Five prebuilt Dashboards can be used to monitor, visualize, and manage your asset performance and management activities. This enables you to further analyse all the powerful Maximo data that exists so you can make the best decisions possible for your unique business environments.

Functional Highlights:

  • Proactively improve business processes based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Benchmark across time periods with the Date Slider
  • Target the data of interest with Selection Triggers
  • Understand in more detail with Drill Down capability and Tags

BPD Manifesting for Maximo

BPD Zenith’s Manifesting application meets specific industry requirements for organizations that must ship items, specialist tools and equipment to work locations and be able to monitor them within a centrally accessible system.

When items are issued, transferred and receipted in the core product, the solution creates the required shipping item records. There is also a consignment notes feature which allows the planning of items being returned to be organized so that they can be sent correctly on to their return destination. In addition to Manifest creation, it provides full visibility of items on and offshore, improves the utilization of shipping resources and provides enhanced management of items that have been returned to shore.

BPD Capital & Requirements Planning for Maximo

Our global economy invites us to carefully consider where we spend our money, what benefit we get from spending it and whether it would have been better to spend it elsewhere.

Within the Public Sector there is enormous pressure to spend public money objectively, transparently and in line with guidelines. In the Private Sector it is important to factor in strategic objectives when making capital expenditure decisions.

BPD Zenith has developed its own Capital & Requirements Planning for Maximo tool to allow your organization to clearly define how money can be best spent to achieve the strategic goals of the project, company or organization. The available review and feedback processes means that the cycle of improvement is on-going and therefore continually refining and optimizing your capital expenditure.

BPD Drag & Drop for Maximo

Knowing our customers pain points within Maximo is what drove us to develop the Drag and Drop for Maximo feature.

This custom control can be added to any application within Maximo which supports attachments. It allows the user to simply drag multiple files and drop them into the drop zone of the control rather than adding files through multiple clicks. BPD’s Drag & Drop for Maximo streamlines your attachments process.

BPD Email Attachments

BPD developed the Attachment by Email for Maximo feature whilst working out ways to save precious time when using Maximo.

We have developed a way to attach files to a record in Maximo without opening Maximo itself. This is particularly useful when a time poor contractor needs to submit weekly reports for Work Orders but doesn’t have the time to extract files. This feature ensures no email is lost and admin tasks are completed efficiently and on time.

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