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What is MaxTECH?

MaxTECH is the first ever dedicated Maximo Technical User Group aimed at Maximo Administrators, Developers and Technical Support staff.

It is a great place for users to ask and answer technical questions, learn from each other, collaborate and help improve Maximo in your organization.

MaxTECH was founded in 2017 by BPD Zenith. We host several events every year (Calgary, St. Louis, MaximoWorld, Houston, MUWG, Northern California MUG, Maximo UK & Ireland User Group) including digital events. MaxTEACH is a free online user group designed to go in depth into a Maximo topic.

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Events & On Demand Webinars

MaxTEACH: Creating an Integration using Automation Scripts

ON DEMAND WEBINAR | Duration: 60 minutes
Learn how to use Automation Scripts for the following:

  • Update Maximo data with sent information
  • Transpose data from one format to another
  • Connect to non-Maximo database and run SQL commands for that database (direct database to database updates)
  • Gather data from multiple tables in Maximo and send to external system
  • Enhanced error handling/reporting
  • Ability to re-send data from Maximo to external system easily

MaxTEACH: Communications in Maximo

ON DEMAND WEBINAR | Duration: 90 minutes
Learn how to:

  • Run, attach and email a report via script and workflow
  • Set up email subscriptions in Maximo
  • Send an email with an automation script (plus bonus functionality)
  • Send smart emails using communication templates

MaxTEACH: Creation of a Risk Management System in Maximo

ON DEMAND WEBINAR | Duration: 90 minutes
This session will help you create a Risk Management System in Maximo:

  • Creating Risk Assessments from Core Applications
  • Types of Risk Assessments
  • Managing Risk Assessment Activities
  • How Risk Assessment Ties into Maximo HSE
  • How to Set up Risk Assessments in Core Maximo
  • Approvals Required for Risk Management
  • Link Between Managing Risks and Asset Health/Reliability

MaxTEACH: Maximo Inspections Deep Dive and Roadmap

ON DEMAND WEBINAR | Duration: 90 minutes
Learn Maximo Inspections from a Technical Perspective:

  • How to Integrate Inspection Data into Core Maximo
  • Migration of Inspection Forms from one Maximo to Another
  • Creation of Inspection Forms using the MIF
  • Understand the Inspection Database Tables
  • Write an Inspection Result BIRT Report
  • Keep work orders and inspections in sync with an automation script
  • Modify the automation script to create work orders from inspections
  • Create and Inspection Result tab in the Work Order Application
  • Understand some performance guidelines and best practices (plus patches available from IBM)
  • Hear from the IBM Architect about the future of Inspections

MaxTECH Resources

MaxTECH – Maximo Inspections Deep Dive

Learn about Maximo Inspections from a Technical Perspective including some performance guidelines and best practices.

MaxTECH - Run and Attach a Report to an Email in Maximo Workflow

Learn how to create an automation script to  attach a work order detail report to an email communication when a work order is approved.

MaxTECH - Creating Targeted Audits in Maximo

Learn how to build a custom audit solution in your Maximo system that will provide pinpoint accuracy for auditing of key system data.​

MaxTECH - Maximo Management of Change (MOC) Implementation Best Practices and Recommendations

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MaxTECH - Maximo Reporting: Delivering on Maximo’s Promise...

Insight into Maximo Reporting. Often overlooked or ignored, reporting out of Maximo is the key to deriving business value from the system.

MaxTECH - 5 Ways of Making a Field Required in Maximo

Discover the five ways to make a field required in Maximo and determine when it is best to use each solution.

MaxTECH - Cool Reporting Technique, Non-BIRT Reports Integrated into Maximo

How to create a cool summary report using Automation Scripts, Actions, Application Designer and HTML​.

MaxTECH - Build a Custom Application to Manage all Queries

How to build an application for managing all queries in all applications in Maximo. This provides an admin user with the ability to modify queries which have been created by any user in Maximo.

MaxTECH – Handy Workflow Configurations

Examples of some key configurations that have helped business users adopt the workflows and business processes more readily.

MaxTECH - .NEW and .DUPLICATE Automation Scripts

Meeting client requirements with the .NEW and .DUPLICATE automation scripts (which would have previously required java customization).

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