BPD’s Maximo Accelerator for Oil & Gas

    Standardizing work management in accordance with best practice is crucial in the oil and gas industry. With over 20 years of industry experience, BPD Zenith has done just that.


    Get Up and Running

    Instead of spending 9 to 18 months implementing Maximo, you can start using the system and run your platforms with it!

    With over 50 tried and tested business processes included, you will benefit from thousands of hours of industry enhancements.

    Role Based Security & Start Centres

    Start Centers are an effective way for users to manage and execute work. Configured for each maintenance role or function, graphs, lists and colour-coding flag items at the top of your to-do list, KPI trends, and areas that present risk.

    Prepopulated Data for O&G

    Includes industry Master Data. This data allows the customers to get up and running much quicker than they would when installing Maximo without BPD’s O&G Accelerator.

    User Profile Delegates

    This allows the user to set their delegate from the user profile dialog where they change their default site.

    Streamlined Work Order Applications

    New WMS applications have been created to handle the creation, progression and closure of work orders. Workflows have been created to control the process flow of a work order lifecycle.

    Risk Matrix Prioritization

    Users can select a Consequence, Severity and Likelihood to determine the overall Work Order Priority. System properties set by the client control the automatic population of the work orders target finish date based on the priority of the work order determined by the matrix.

    Deferrals Process & Application

    Create a Deferral at the click of a button. The Deferral passes through the relevant reviews, escalating up the reporting chain and is subject to a Risk Assessment, prior to being approved. This prevents Work Orders from falling into Backlog Reports.

    System Change Request Process

    Management of Change functionality offers a controlled process for planning, reviewing, approving, and implementing changes. Includes tailored Change Requests and Deviation Registers to improve communications and collaboration. This drives more efficient operations and ensures safer working conditions and operational compliance.

    Rentals Process & Application

    The ability to track both rental items and return to vendor repair items. This functionality also fits hand in hand with our Manifesting solution.

    Repairs Process

    The ability to track both rental items and return to vendor repair items. This functionality also fits hand in hand with our Manifesting solution.

    EX Random Work Order Generation

    As part of an internal business process it may be required, or seen as good practise, to inspect locations which are classified as explosive on a regular basis. Select a parent location and create a random set of child work orders or tasks to inspect a subset of the explosive locations under the parent location.

    Spot Task Applications

    Spot Tasks are a set of three new applications for Facilities, Fluid and Field departments designed to be used to track time against small jobs carried out regularly, but not at regular intervals or based upon meters. Tasks can be amended, have their status changed or be deleted.

    Manifesting Application

    Create Shipping Manifests for supply vessels and integrate them seamlessly with Maximo.

    Workflow Admin Application Enhancements

    This allows support to quickly search for workflow instances by Work Oder/ PR number etc. rather than workflow ID.

    Query Manager

    Allow the editing of queries created by other users, consolidate all into one app and identify those used on start centres.

    Gallery Tool

    The new work order applications have a Gallery view for showing image attachments and PDFs on the screen in Maximo without opening new tabs.

    Security Enhancements

    Includes security improvements for internet facing systems, as well as configuration options. By utilizing the standard Maximo features such as Login Tracking and E-Auditing, the systems security has been increased.

    BPD’s Maximo Accelerator for Manufacturing

    Whether you are manufacturing food and beverage products, mining and metals, or chemicals, our Maximo Accelerator for Manufacturing model serves all aspects of the sector.

    BPD’s Maximo Accelerator for Manufacturing

    Get Up and Running

    Keep your production running at its peak with BPD’s Maximo Accelerator for Manufacturing.

    By better predicting and preventing asset failure, you will avoid costly and unplanned plant downtime.

    And you won’t just keep your assets operational, you will keep them operating at the lowest possible cost and with the least risk of safety or compliance issues.

    Role Based Start Centers & Security Groups

    With role-based access and process automation, critical information is delivered consistently to the right people at the right time, reducing the amount of time wasted. With alerts and early notifications, you will act faster so you can be more proactive with your supply chain and customers.

    Prepopulated Data for Manufacturing

    The database has been pre-populated with Asset, Location and Item Classifications based on the Manufacturing Industry for improved data integrity.

    User Profile Delegates

    This allows the user to set their delegate from the user profile dialog where they change their default site.

    Maintenance Management Processes

    The Maintenance Management process includes Emergency Maintenance (EMs), Corrective Maintenance (CMs), and Preventive Maintenance (PMs).

    Work Order Tracking Application

    Includes BPD’s Risk Assessment Matrix. This allows users to determine the risk associated with the work order by defining the Likelihood and Severity of the issue from a set list of values and populates the work order’s priority accordingly.

    Quick Reporting Application

    Locks down the Work Order, Work Type, Owner Group and Class fields, as well as make the Description, Reported By and Reported Date fields required. The app will be used to create Emergency Maintenance work orders, the Work Type EM defaults in and cannot be changed, the Owner Group is automatically set to the Maintenance Supervisors General person group.

    Supply Chain Management Processes

    The Supply Chain Management process includes Materials Replenishment (Purchasing), Issuing Materials, Materials Receiving. Additionally, we’ve captured the PM definition and review as a predecessor and continuous improvement process corresponding to the PM process.

    Service Request Application

    Allowing users to create their own service requests is a good way to familiarize them with Maximo in a simple application that does not require a full ‘Authorized User’ license.

    Security & Performance Enhancements

    Includes security improvements for internet facing systems, as well as configuration options. By utilizing the standard Maximo features such as Login Tracking and E-Auditing, the systems security has been increased. Performance on the system has also been enhanced.

    Mobile Solution

    Maximo Anywhere mobile applications put the power of Maximo for Manufacturing on your mobile device – in both connected and disconnected mode. Engineers, field technicians and asset managers can complete tasks and view up-to-date information where they need it. Your field service team can create Service Requests to report issues quickly, with the ability to attach photos from their tablet or smartphone. This makes them dramatically more responsive and efficient.

    BPD’s Maximo Accelerator for Facilities Management

    BPD’s Maximo Accelerator for FM enables Facilities Managers to support their assets locally, internationally and globally from one powerful CAFM system.

    BPD’s Maximo Accelerator for Facilities Management

    Get Up and Running

    With Facilities Management professionals under increasing pressure to provide sustainable and modern buildings, the implementation of a CAFM system can improve the Quality of Life for clients and customers in their buildings.

    From service providers to hospitals, BPD’s Maximo Accelerator for Facilities Management supports those responsible for maintaining facility operations with the tools to deliver effectively and efficiently.

    Role Based Security & Start Centres

     Includes predefined roles in Maximo which control the security access the user has to the system and the information the user is presented with in their Start Center. All start centers have quick access links to active Assignments, favourite applications and quick inserts for applications related to their role. Predefined queries showing useful information to the user and KPIs.

    Prepopulated Data for FM

    Includes industry specific data for Crafts, Failure Codes, Classifications, Person Groups, Units of Measure, Currency Codes and Work Types as well as business processes for the purchasing module to help get your business up and running quicker. 

    User Profile Delegates

    This allows the user to set their delegate from the user profile dialog where they change their default site

    Drag & Drop File Function

    This allows the user to simply drag multiple files and drop them into the drop zone of the control rather than adding files through multiple clicks.

    Streamlined Work Order Applications

    An improved application for raising and managing service requests on desktop and mobile, with mandatory points of data entry and built in business processes to ensure the quality and integrity of data input into the system.

    Customer Feedback Application

    A set of new applications to handle the creation of Customer Feedback surveys, which will be sent out to the people affected by the issue. These people will receive an email from Maximo containing a link to an app which they can leave feedback in. You don’t even need to be a Maximo user to do this! Responses are stored in Maximo and users can view it in the new app.

    Room Reservation Application

    Locations in Maximo can now be marked as reservable, and a new application will allow users to create and manage room bookings. They will be able to choose the date, time, frequency and attendees of a booking as well as store details such as conference call numbers, URLs and other attachments from within Maximo. Emails will be sent out to the attendees, so they can add the events to their Outlook calendars and emails of the responses will be sent out to the organizers.

    Asset Health & Classification Improvements

    Improvements to the Assets (SP) and Classifications (FM) applications, asset health score cards can be defined in the classifications and carried down to an asset where the score can be calculated for each of the individual assets. This can be viewed in MAHI.

    Requirements Planning Application

    Applications to allow users to link Assets and Locations to potential work called Requirements Planning. This application will help users decide whether carrying out the work will be financially and economically viable. It links with the Asset Health Score Cards defined against the asset and can predict the new Asset Health based on the proposed improvements. All this is helpful to the users during the predefined approvals process. Requirements can also be linked to work orders once they are approved.

    Work Order Tracking Application

    An FM specific version of the Work Order Tracking application has been created with security restrictions and requirements in place to ensure work orders are created and edited correctly. This app also includes the Gallery tab to view image attachments more easily and predefined queries to help the users find the information they need more efficiently.

    Mobile Friendly Apps

    A number of new applications have been created specifically to be mobile browser friendly. These include an application to allow users to report their labour hours, a person directory to find phone numbers and email addresses of employees easily, and applications to create and view service requests.

    We have 3 FM industry templates including:



    Ensuring effective air traffic operations by supporting all facilities and rotating assets to deliver a modern airport facility which can be relied upon today and into the future.



    Ensuring infrastructure rich ports remain competitive to the global market by managing the lifecycle of their assets while reducing delay of goods in transit and associated maintenance costs and regulatory penalties.



    Positioning Universities to gain significant savings across all aspects of facility and works management and enabling full asset lifecycle management across the estate.