MaxiCloud creates administration efficiencies, enhances field work mobility and empowers qualified decision-making.

    Australian Maritime Systems

    Australian Maritime Systems (AMS) manages, constructs and maintains aids to navigation networks, maritime information systems and associated maritime assets.


    • Contractually obliged to have the best and latest asset management software available
    • Needed to be agile enough to adapt to handle growing requirements and more complex capabilities
    • Required greater mobility to track geographically dispersed assets



    An upgrade to the latest version of Maximo software via the cloud as a managed software-as-a-service (SaaS) – including DataSplice mobile application, Maximo Scheduler and interfaces with real time data feeding portals.


    • Increased reporting efficiencies, driving smarter decisions and compliance
    • Enhanced maintenance planning for more efficient operations
    • Improved mobility for workers in the field
    • Better planning and scheduling
    • Relieved the IT department of maintaining and supporting the product
    • Integration with external apps and real-time data

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