IBM Maximo Accelerator

The Maximo Accelerator is a standardised Work Management System for the Oil and Gas industry.

Standardising asset management in accordance with best practice is crucial in this aggressive environment. Through the increased management of the maintenance and integrity status of operated assets, you will realise better business outcomes prioritised by Health and Safety performance standards.

Our solution provides a set of over 50 tried and tested business processes that help to accelerate Maximo deployments. It can be implemented out-of-the-box on premise or in the Cloud using a full Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Either way, you can quickly begin loading data into a production ready WMS and get back to business.

Start Centers – Start Centers are an effective way for the Work Asset Management User Community to manage and execute work. Configured for each role or function, Start Centers make use of graphs, lists and colour-coding to flag items at the top of your to-do list, KPI trends, and areas that present risk.

Deferral Management – Create a Deferral at the click of a button with our custom application. The Deferral passes through the relevant reviews, escalating up the reporting chain and is subject to a Risk Assessment, prior to being approved. This prevents Work Orders from falling into Backlog Reports.

Management of Change – Management of Change functionality offers a controlled process for planning, reviewing, approving, and implementing changes. BPD has developed tailored Change Requests and Deviation Registers to improve communications and collaboration. This drives more efficient operations and ensures safer working conditions and operational compliance.

Operators Log – Operators Log allows operators and controllers to maintain Shift Logs in a control room, or when operating a plant, facility or pipeline. The Shift Logs contain details about changeovers, equipment changes, production losses, and near misses that occur during a shift. Operators Log is a user-friendly replacement for paper-based booklets and is configured in BPD’s template to provide a record for regulatory bodies.

Work Order Tracking – The Work Order Tracking application can be used to perform every function related to Work Order processing. BPD has developed automated Workflow processes and simplified screens for progressing a Work Order through its lifecycle. This includes Workflow to handle quality assurance and approval release of all work.

Permit to Work – To manage the safety of personnel and the workplace, you can define Permits to Work (PTW). PTW is configured in BPD’s Maximo Accelerator template.

Planning & Scheduling – Maximo Scheduler is available as an Add On solution. BPD recommends including Scheduler as part of the Maximo Accelerator package to plan and schedule short term work. We can also provide integration to the third party tool Primavera (P6) for longer term planning and scheduling.

Reporting – Work Order Tracking Report configured in the template. Additional Start Center reports provide visibility by role and discipline.

Manifesting  For offshore assets, the template can include BPD’s Logistics for Maximo product. This creates Shipping Manifests for supply vessels and integrates them seamlessly with the Maximo product. It is a legal requirement in the UK that any cargo on a boat needs to be on the ship’s manifest.

For more information about what the Maximo Accelerator can do for your business, visit the IBM Marketplace or Contact Us to request a demo.

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