MaxiCloud offers a complete asset management solution for your industry.

Pre-packaged with base data, industry enhancements and configurations, MaxiCloud removes the time and cost of setting up a world class Maximo system.

With all services, support, improvements and innovations fully managed by BPD Zenith, you can consolidate your IT resources to improve efficiency, focus on core competencies and reduce ongoing costs.

Hosted in the cloud, the MaxiCloud solution remains relevant in a changing environment with inclusive Maximo upgrades, fixes and flexible subscription licensing.

MaxiCloud is currently available with industry accelerators for: Airports, Facilities Management, Offshore Wind Farms, Oil & Gas, and Universities.

Key Product Features:

  • Implementation Methodology
  • BPD Zenith Support Service
  • Prepopulated Base Data including Asset Classifications, Asset Failure Hierarchy, Work Order Types, Currency Codes, Crafts, Security Roles
  • Start Centres and Standard Application Queries
  • Job Plan & PM Templates
  • BPD Cognos Dashboards & Reporting
  • ISO Industry Standards
  • Simplified Screens
  • Standard Processes


Affordable Monthly Subscription

We will provide a secure instance of MaxiCloud through a monthly subscription determined by user volume and the selected modules or industry solutions. Our low entry cost includes a fully provisioned production environment and a pre-designed approach to getting you set up quickly with your data loaded and users trained.

The MaxiCloud base solution is the starting point on your asset management journey. The cloud-based model allows you to add modules, solutions, and additional configurations as your organisation matures on its journey towards smarter operations. MaxiCloud extends across many functional areas including Asset Management, Mobility, Planning & Scheduling, Mapping and Predictive Analytics.



  • Get a head start on your asset management journey 
  • Increase Time to Value with user-friendly guides, best practice processes, data loading templates, and end user training
  • Reduce man hours with implementation times typically dropping from 9 to 3 months
  • Remove complex upfront license costs and risk of IBM compliance audit
  • Run in a secure and  accredited data centre
  • Focus on your core business, with a team of Maximo experts at your fingertips
  • Stay on the most current technology and the latest Maximo version and forget about End of Support and the expensive upgrade cycle
  • Tailored training to meet the needs of your business and support your end users in their day to day jobs
  • Scale your service up and down to accommodate changing requirements for sites, projects, and resources
  • Supports field based work from any location, anytime, anywhere


Customer Stories

Find out why leading asset-intensive companies are using MaxiCloud today.

Australian Maritime Services

Where the sea meets the cloud – MaxiCloud solution creates administration efficiencies, enhances field work mobility and empowers qualified decision-making

Port Otago Limited

Cloud-based asset management enhances maintenance and enables savings in spare parts management

Other users of our MaxiCloud Model include: Sydney Airport, Brisbane Motorway Services, Australian National University and London Array.

For further information, head to our dedicated MaxiCloud website

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