Extracting more value from maintenance processes: Targeting significant savings with Maximo.

    Canadian National Resources International (CNRI)

    Canadian Natural Resources (CNR) International is the international arm of a Major Exploration and Production Company in Canada, concentrating in the United Kingdom portion of the North Sea and in Offshore Africa.


    • Relied on two different maintenance management systems
    • Difficult to optimise maintenance processes or prioritise workload
    • Separate purchasing and inventory systems
    • Maintenance is very challenging in the oil and gas sector – logistics are more complicated: spare parts and materials need to be delivered by boat, and all personnel are flown out to the platforms by helicopter



    Migrated to IBM Maximo combined with BPD’s Maximo Accelerator Services for Oil and Gas Template, which both have an excellent reputation in the industry and are used by many companies in the North Sea and worldwide.


    • Reengineered its maintenance and purchasing processes to align with industry best practices
    • Single strategic system for all the Maintenance Management work which has eliminated errors and mistakes, and improved the efficiency and safety of operations
    • Reduces unnecessary expenditure on spare parts and external contractors, resulting in significant savings
    • Up and running quickly, reducing the risk of a long and expensive deployment

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