IBM Maximo Support

Many end-users struggle daily with Maximo support issues and technical problems.

A well supported Maximo System means maximum business efficiency. To help achieve this, BPD Zenith’s dedicated support team offers a variety of Maximo support services to meet your every need. Whether you require technical support, system administration or application support we can tailor our package to suit you.

IBM Authorised Level I Support

BPD Zenith is authorised by IBM to provide Level I Support, with IBM providing Level II and III support to all Maximo clients. Under this support model, our certified team directly provide core product and customisation support. If we encounter an issue with the Maximo product, we will register calls with IBM on your behalf to reach a solution.

IBM software licenses include the first year’s maintenance (described as ‘Software Subscription and Support’). Annual maintenance entitles the customer to telephone support during normal office hours for defects and for advice and guidance. For Severity 1 problems, IBM provides 24 × 7 support.

Post Go-Live Support

Post Go-Live Maximo support is provided by our dedicated offsite support team. From Go-Live, our team can fix any defects or bugs that are found. Some Clients also like to retain an onsite presence for a number of months after Go-Live to provide immediate support for any unexpected issues, while their own support staff gain more experience and confidence.

Bespoke Support

BPD Zenith has Maximo support contracts not only with organisations where we have deployed Maximo, but also with organisations where IBM or other vendors have implemented it. This is testament to the depth of our technical skills, our customer focus, our high level of responsiveness and service quality. We can provide first line support for core Maximo functionality, Maximo configuration, customisations, bespoke development and add-ons. All versions of Maximo are supported from Maximo version 4 through to 7.6.

Managed Service

If you prefer, we can take care of your complete Maximo environment, managing all aspects of the application infrastructure, from Internet application server and underlying database, to the Maximo application itself. In fact, BPD Zenith can go even further by providing the complete hardware, network and software infrastructure and managing it all for you. Please see MaxiCloud for more information.

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