About us

BPD Zenith is a leading IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management partner for asset intensive organizations worldwide. 

BPD help businesses to maximize the benefits of their software solutions over the lifecycle of their physical asset base. We do this by combining our local know-how and global reach to understand your business processes, minimizing implementation risks and support shortfalls.

BPD deliver IBM Maximo as part of a tailored asset management solution – providing initial design and implementation services through to servicing and after care support. Having worked with Maximo since the very beginning, the market-leading product remains at the heart of what we do today.

Our approach has always been straightforward: we provide no-nonsense, expert advice and our Clients receive a system that matches their business requirements, on time and within budget.

Our vision at BPD Zenith is to become the world’s first global Maximo partner outside of IBM; using locally based consultants wherever possible while leveraging expertise and best practice processes employed by the global group. Our aspiration remains to become a leading one-stop solution provider for asset management.

Our Partners

Tech Data

Tech Data are instrumental in supporting BPD Zenith’s IoT offerings. Customers can access coherent end-to-end solutions from complementary Tech Data vendors. We are working hand in hand to build out the operational technology and integrate this with the BPD MaxiCloud platform.


BPD Zenith is an IBM Premier Business Partner and is Gold level  accredited for Maximo Enterprise Asset Management. BPD is one of only 30 Global Top Business Partners in the IBM Watson IoT Investment programme. 

Electra Learning

Electra Learning are change management and learning specialists. Through the partnership, BPD Zenith and Electra Learning design and rollout premier Maximo training programmes for our UK and North American clients.   

Prometheus Group

BPD Zenith partners with Prometheus Group, selling and implementing a number of their premier off-the-shelf solutions such as mobility, scheduling and permitting. Prometheus Groups plug-and-play solutions adapt to your organization, not the other way around. 

BPD Zenith believes in providing the best solutions with the best in the business.  

We have developed a number of strategic partnerships with companies who share our vision and ethos. These complementary business partners allow us to broaden the services we offer to our Clients. 

Meet the Team 

George Lightfoot

George Lightfoot

CEO | UK & Global


George is the CEO for EMEA and North America and a director on the Global Board.  

As a 30-year veteran of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), George is one of the world’s leading champions of the Maximo product. 

George first started working with Maximo as the European Technical Services Manager for PSDI and MRO Software in 1989. He went on to cofound BPD in 1994 and has since covered all asset intensive industries and product versions as  a highly experienced Project Manager, Maximo Consultant, Design Analyst and Trainer.  

George has led and consulted on many successful EAM projects across Oil & Gas, Facilities Management, Utilities, MoD, Pharmaceuticals, Transport, Telecomms and Local Government to name a few. He has built an enviable reputation in the North Sea Oil & Gas industry, where he has helped deliver Maximo systems to support over 20 Asset Transitions. 

George’s leadership style has instilled a focus on delivery and client satisfaction at BPD. 

Samantha Firth

Samantha Firth

AMD Director | UK & Global


Sam is the Acquisitions, Mergers and Disposals Director and a director on the Global Board.  

Sam has almost 20 years’ experience of the various aspects of Business Administration and has gathered some unique spin-off talents during her time at BPD Zenith.

Sam has either worked in or facilitated virtually all of the business functions over the years including: Financial Accounts, Taxes, Compliance, Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, Customer Relations, Supply Chain, Dispute Resolution, Company/Employment Law, Contract Management, Business Development, Asset Resourcing and Maintenance to name a few.  This general and varied knowledge base is ideally suited to understanding the requirements for our Global activities and assessing potential areas for exploration.  This is her main focus for the business at present, with activities ranging from long-term to quick turnaround. 

Sam enjoys supporting the business processes whenever and wherever she is asked or needed to and the challenge of overcoming the unusual – which happens often enough to keep things fresh! 

Graeme Sharp

Graeme Sharp

CEO | Asia Pacific


Graeme is the CEO for Asia Pacific and a director on the Global Board.  

With over 20 years' Maximo Asset Management experience, Graeme is one of the leading evangelists in the Asia Pacific Asset Management arena.

Graeme is dedicated to advancing the profession of asset management and is passionate about cloud, analytics and smarter operations. Over his career, Graeme has been responsible for delivering major business and IT projects that have multi-million-dollar business benefits for major national and international companies, particularly using the Maximo product suite. 

Graeme is a highly experienced Project Manager, Maximo Consultant, Design Analyst and Trainer with over 25 years of experience in Transportation, Energy, Water Utilities, Local Government, Manufacturing, Telecoms, Retail and IT. 

Most recently, Graeme helped set up the ASEAN Maximo User Group.



Simon Nicholson

Simon Nicholson

CEO | North America


Simon is the CEO for BPD Zenith in North America. Simon has over 25 years' experience working in the software industry, and over 10 years' experience delivering Maximo solutions.  

Simon is an ambitious CEO with a background in IT Consultancy who is conscientious, enthusiastic and professional in all aspects of work. His approach is one of hard work, motivated by a desire to achieve both for himself and his team. He is a confident communicator and is able to build a rapport with people at all levels in all industry verticals, both clients and vendors alike. This has brought Simon success over the years as an IT Consultant, Project Manager, Business Director and CEO. 

Mark Michael

Mark Michael

cEO | Australia & New Zealand


Mark is the Country CEO for the Asia Pacific region. With over 20 years of asset management experience, Mark is responsible for BPD Zenith in Australia and New Zealand.  

Mark is particularly interested in using data to help the Manager optimize the life and operation of assets. Most recently he has been working with IBM’s Maximo EAM and IoT products along with web-based tools to enhance the experience for users of the information. 

Richard Donaldson

Richard Donaldson

CEO | UK & Europe


Richard is the Country CEO for the UK and European operations. Richard joined BPD Zenith in 2009 as a Maximo Consultant having worked in the Nuclear industry for 7 years on a number of Maintenance and Supply Chain Business Improvement projects and Maintenance Management system upgrades. Richard went on to become the Maximo Custodian for many of BPD’s North Sea Oil & Gas clients.

Richard ensures a level of quality is maintained across our delivery team and that our customers are happy with their Maximo services.

Listen to your assets!

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