Case Study:

Major Oil & Gas Producer

A major oil and gas producer saves $478,000 with Industry Accelerator model.


To avoid safety hazards, regulatory violations and operational disruptions, this oil and gas producer needed to improve coordination between maintenance and operations and acquire better preventive maintenance, faster problem resolution, and the ability to track and audit safety incidents with greater ease.


The oil and gas producer keeps facilities running safely and reliably with BPD’s Maximo Accelerator for Oil & Gas. With an automated workflow for all maintenance activity, the company can track assets and incidents, analyse equipment failures and identify safety risks. This visibility helps the company predict why equipment fails and when it is likely to fail, which allows technicians to resolve problems faster and supports smarter, more efficient preventive maintenance programs.


  • Saved $478,000 in labour costs in the first 7 weeks by automating work orders, operational planning and scheduling
  • Shortened the lifecycle of facility change records by 80% with automated workflow – from 273 to 54 days
  • Achieved better adherence to asset-tracking procedures, more than doubling the number of facility change records in the system – from 82 to 188

Instrumented – The solution automatically tracks maintenance and inspection history, creating work orders for corrective, emergency and preventive activities. In a future phase of the project, the solution will collect data from equipment sensors and generate malfunction alerts.

Interconnected – By providing a single platform for the management of assets, maintenance and operations, the solution helps the company facilitate greater collaboration, automate workflow and streamline processes across departments for more efficient, productive oil facilities.

Intelligent – The solution accumulates data throughout the lifecycles of all incidents and change requests, allowing the company to analyse equipment failures and safety risks. This visibility helps the company uncover patterns in the data, making it easier to identify root causes and develop effective preventive maintenance plans.

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