Improving efficiencies, achieving passenger experience, and providing quality data for informed decision making.


    The Major International Airport has around 40 million passengers each year (similar in size to Gatwick and Munich).


    • A strategic review recognised the need to invest in its assets and retain ownership and knowledge of them
    • Existing asset management system had become challenged in meeting the evolving needs of the business
    • Data integrity represented a significant challenge



    BPD Zenith and UnitiFM partnered to implement an integrated managed FM business solution to drive efficiency and provide financial and service insights. The MaxiCloud for Airports solution is agile and cloud-based, and is powered by IBM Maximo.


    • Enhanced visibility and control of their maintenance information
    • Integrated reporting provides airport management with financial, operational and service insights
    • Real reductions in asset downtime including >50% reduction in Aerobridges breakdowns pa and >18% reduction in HVAC breakdowns

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