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by | Jun 18, 2019

UK & Ireland Maximo User Group – Dublin 2019

Tuesday 21st May 2019 saw the very first UK & Ireland Maximo User Group in Dublin – and it was a massive success! With users from various industries and backgrounds, attendance was the best it’s ever been with speakers and content to match.

Networking with Maximo Users

The first of this year’s Maximo UK & Ireland User Group events was destined to be a success from the start! As an ice breaker for the main event, we had a chance to mingle with all the other attendees and Maximo users the evening before the main Conference.

~ Maximo users and attendees mingle before the main event ~

As a lot of people would be flying in for the event and most would be staying in Dublin the night before, attendance for pre-conference networking was great – there was certainly a thirst for Maximo news (as well as the complimentary bar!). The canapés and cocktails certainly helped get the conversation flowing and set everyone up perfectly for the big day.

~ Richard Barber introducing to the first ever Maximo User Group Networking Session ~

Dublin’s Maximo User Group – Record Turnout!

Dublin seemed to take me straight to the venue on the morning of the event – and what an impressive building it was. Due to record numbers, the people at Deloitte had to redirect us to bigger facilities within the building – in fact they gave the group the whole floor! Once there, breakfast was waiting for us, along with fresh tea and coffee. Thanks to the previous evening’s introductions, there was already a friendly, familiar atmosphere upon arrival, so everyone was ready to get down to business.

Speaking of Maximo…

~ Dave Gasdia from IBM ~

After Richard Barber and the team gave their introductions and thanks, the event speakers began an impressive schedule of topics. Kicking off was Dave Gasdia from IBM and an update on the IBM Maximo roadmap including Worker Insights and IoT for Worker Safety, Multi-Tenancy and some exciting changes ahead for Anywhere, IBM Maximo’s Mobile solution.

This was followed by user stories from Integral and Vandelande who both shared their developments with IBM Maximo and how mobility has drastically improved their services offered. We’re certainly seeing the same at BPD. Many of our clients require a flexible mobile solution for their Maximo system which we can host through our MaxiCloud solution, so a more seamless and streamline Anywhere for Maximo is great!

~ “Maximo is not an asset manager, it’s a management system for asset management!” ~

After a break for tea and coffee, Terence O’Hanlan from ReliabilityWeb then took to the spotlight. Accompanied by Maura Abad, Terence started by getting us all to download an app. This meant we could interact with his presentation, which got us all really involved. A fantastic way to engage us all while gaining an insight into our own experiences with IBM Maximo and how the rest of the community use theirs. There were some interesting and surprising points that got us all rethinking the basics on failure and reliability.

Turning Tables on Maximo

~ Table Discussions offered every user the chance to pose their Maximo questions ~

After an impressive buffet of continental meats and salads, it was a chance for Users to pose their questions to the event speakers and experts. Users were split into 5 groups and given a table, then each group was given an opportunity with each expert, changing every 20 minutes until the experts had visited every group. This allowed for some interesting questions and made sure everyone had a fair chance to get their issue across. This gave our experts a real idea of recurring issues and what users would really like to see – which will influence future roadmaps!

Best UK & I Maximo User Group So Far

Once each table had been able to go through their questions, the speakers were given a moment to thank the user group and summarise on the day. Each one mentioned how successful the day had been and how much insight they had gained from feedback, which they would take away with them to influence and improve the way we use Maximo.

~ Question time for the IBMers ~

Richard wrapped up with thanks to the event sponsors and the user community. As well as gaining a few more committee volunteers, this year saw record event attendance with Dublin giving the conference a huge boost. Thankfully, Deloitte were able to accommodate the user group which ended up exceeding all expectations and making it, in my opinion, ‘the best UK & Ireland MUG so far’.

The next event has been earmarked for 14th November 2019 at Southbank in London, with plans to hold 2020’s conferences in Edinburgh/Glasgow and Belfast.

All-in-all the conference was fantastic and a huge success. I’m really looking forward to the next one! Well done to Richard and the committee, IBM and sponsors.

~ Well done to the UK & I Maximo User Group committee for another fantastic conference ~

My flight didn’t leave until the following morning, so after the conference, I had just enough time to buy my first ever pint of Guinness (I’ve always been told ‘Guinness is never as good elsewhere, as it is in Ireland’).

Just like the conference – well worth the wait and the round trip to Ireland!

You can now find the Maximo User Group – UK & Ireland presentations in the library section on the IMWUC site

Jonathan Nichols

Jonathan Nichols

Johnny joined BPD Zenith as UK Marketing Coordinator, with a passion for Efficiency and Optimisation. Responsibilities now include EMEA and global activities, events and projects. In the relatively short time he’s been with BPD Zenith, he has seen big changes across the industry, not just at BPD! Johnny is excited about the development of EAM technologies and the integration of tools and enhancements that can drive more value and return on investment to our end users. His other passion is music - writing, recording and producing original material and playing live with bands and solo – whenever possible!


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