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by | Dec 18, 2019

The Year That Was 2019

As another year comes to an end and we start setting those new year’s resolutions it is timely that we reflect on what we have achieved throughout 2019.

Happy 25 years to BPD Zenith!


~ Celebrating 25 years of business ~

It was an important 12 months that saw BPD Zenith celebrate 25 years in business. That itself is an amazing milestone when you consider 20% of business fail within the first 12 months, 30% close their doors within 2 years and a whopping 70% of business never make it to 10years. What ensures we defy these odds is working with great people and partners. More off the secret sauce that has helped us get this far can be heard directly from one of our co-founders, George Lightfoot throughout the following video.


Our global partnership with IBM Maximo

This was further recognized by a 14-year partnership with IBM who awarded BPD Zenith their Global business Partner for 2019/20. The benefits off such an esteemed award stretch far beyond just a new badge but also throw of significant benefits to our customer base that can take advantage of offerings that greatly improve the usability of IBM Maximo.

~ The Watson IoT Excellence Award trophy. From left to right: David Small (IBM), Hayden Oliver (BPD), Graeme Sharp (BPD), Mark Michael (BPD), Philippe Rycroft (IBM) ~


The brains behind the organization

Nothing happens without our people and this year we celebrate with Andres Acosta who achieved a 5 year service, Mike Houston made 10 years, both from the ANZ office. Across the globe Barry Brough from the UK office clocks up his 21st year with the company. This dedication and loyalty continues to ensure all of the Business Partners and client community have continuity and consistency from our service offering.

Our customer-centric focus

As the MaxiCloud product continues growing we recognized the need for a global team to maintain our customer service levels. This team is now responsible for efficient management of servers and ongoing security challenges. Further to this is a product development team responsible for the ongoing maintenance and creativity behind our growing list of industry solutions and customized applications.

~ Continued product development ~

The future of asset management

Along with our clients BPD Zenith continues to evolve and it has been pleasing to see ongoing investment in emerging AI & Blockchain technologies are being integrated into our partner products. There are a number of pilot projects around specific use cases in development. IBM are creating products that are solving vegetation issues and addressing predictive maintenance using machine learning. BPD Zenith are starting to see clients consider blockchain where there is a need to remove process, technical and trust issues. These all have the ability to quickly scale once proven. IoT continues to be popular when applied to remotely located critical assets and when connected to Maximo’s Asset Health module provides a user-friendly dashboard view of how your assets are performing. Only 20% of organizations across the globe having migrated major systems across to some form of cloud offering. Those that have made the leap are enjoying considerable savings and better performance across the board quickening their pace to transform more of the organization in this direction. There has never been such an exciting time to be involved in the Enterprise Asset Management space. The continued investment in IBM Maximo, emerging technologies and partners provides a great platform for asset owners to realize their Asset strategy goals.

~ Development of new technology in the asset management space ~

Goodbye 2019…

For me, 2019 was the year of consolidation and I am looking forward to reflecting again come December next year to see how we have leveraged the hard work done by many this year.

Mark Michael

Mark Michael

With over 20 years of Asset Management experience, Mark Michael is responsible for BPD Zenith in Australia and New Zealand. Mark is particularly interested in using data to help the Manager optimise the life and operation of assets. Most recently, he has been working with IBM’s Maximo Asset Management and Internet of Things (IoT) products along with web based tools to enhance the experience for users of the information.


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