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BPD Zenith is committed to providing managed solutions in the era of the Cloud, with nine out of ten global CEOs viewing the Cloud as critical to their business plans. Working with our hosting partners, BPD Zenith specialise in the delivery of Maximo Asset Management, from Cloud to Software as a Service (SaaS). Our managed solutions can be tailored to meet every requirement and various software licensing options are available.

Cloud based solutions lower the entry cost and risk for small to medium customers. Large companies are adopting SaaS to obtain the latest features and remove the pain of software upgrades. Both Corporate and SME organisations have realised the benefits of delivering business systems by adopting managed solutions, including:

  • A reduction in IT spending and the associated need to invest in capital assets, a secure server environment and dedicated, capable employees;
  • The ability to deliver a scalable and flexible solution that allows a business to grow or shrink the system’s footprint in line with changing business requirements;
  • The removal of the management time and effort involved in ensuring that systems are secure and running at optimum performance;
  • An improved uptime of service and higher availability, reliability and predictability;
  • Secure provision in an IL2/3 environment;
  • A trustworthy partner with certified Subject Matter Experts and Application Performance SLAs.

BPD Zenith has delivered small numbers of MaxiCloud (SaaS) users to large scale hosting with high levels of security required. Our MaxiCloud solution allows customers the flexibility to start small and grow the footprint over time as their business needs dictate. We have a number of Clients already using MaxiCloud and achieving cost savings and improved service levels.

In 2011, our fully managed hosting solution delivered one of the first Maximo V7.5 production systems in the UK for a major FTSE 250 company with over 2500 users. The key drivers for Cloud were to allow for flexibility and scalability whilst removing the need to internally manage and support hardware and application environments.

Our managed solutions can be extended with unique industry solutions and task-specific functionalities for an additional cost. Our MaxiCloud industry solutions are pre-populated with ISO Standards, Asset Classifications, User Security and Dashboards, and Advanced Analytics.

To learn more about how BPD Zenith and MaxiCloud can help your organisation, please see our Port Otago IBM case study below.



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