Asset Management Solutions for Airports

Underpinning the success of a modern airport is its effective operation. This relies heavily upon the airport’s facilities and its many rotating assets. Therefore, as air passenger traffic continues to grow, it is important for airport operators to deliver a facility which can be relied upon today and into the future.

BPD has developed a solution to keep your airport running around the clock which includes:

  • A fully integrated cloud-based approach – enabling critical assets to be managed end-to-end from a single system
  • Improved asset availability and visibility – helping to reduce operational delay and unplanned downtime
  • Reduced costs by helping drive continuous operational improvements
  • Enhanced experience for passengers and airlines – by maintaining a high level of uptime of critical equipment and high quality facilities
  • Improved regulatory compliance and security measures
  • Better management of all contractors and associated maintenance tasks – ensuring accountability across all stakeholders
  • Resource optimisation – enabling both strategic and on the day prediction of resource requirements, based on demand
  • Improved situational awareness – by monitoring the health of critical assets in real time (predictive analytics) including dashboard visualisations and KPI alarm management

Our cloud-based solution is available to all airports globally – from large international airports to small regional airports.  It is also implemented quickly and at a much lower price point (as a SaaS model) when compared to the alternative of an on-premise solution.

To learn more about how BPD Zenith and MaxiCloud for Airports can help your organisation, please see our Major International Airport case study below.

Major International Airport

Supportin real reductions in asset downtime: >50% reduction in aerobridge breakdowns!

Asset Management Solutions for Ports

BPD Zenith are experts in the Ports industry having implemented Maximo systems for many of the major port operators in Australia and New Zealand. We understand that ports are under increasing pressure from growing volumes of trade, an aging workforce, limited real estate availability, supply chain integration, regulatory requirements and capital management needs. Benchmarking against other ports is paramount, which is why we have designed MaxiCloud for Ports.

We have worked closely with the Ports industry to define and create our Ports Solution. It provides Ports with a cost-effective alternative to the traditional Maximo implementation. Port Otago and Port Taranaki (New Zealand) are leading the way with uptake of our MaxiCloud solution for their businesses, providing immediate benefits and lowering the cost of operations.

Port Otago are also exploring Advanced Analytics, Real-time Data Integration from their Straddle Carriers, Mobility for use on the Tug Boats and also for Inventory Management, and Cloud Integration with other on premise systems to provide a seamless user experience. DP World (Australia) have also taken advantage of BPD Zenith’s Maximo expertise to bring together 4 ports across Australia into one corporate solution.

To learn more about how BPD Zenith and MaxiCloud for Ports can help your organisation, please see our Port Otago IBM case study below.

Port Otago IBM

Cloud-based solution enhances maintenance and enables savings in spare parts management.

Asset Management Solutions for Roads

BPD Zenith have been delivering successful solutions for Road Management Operators for over six years. We recently implemented a Maximo solution incorporating the Maximo Linear Asset Manager module for Brisbane Motorway Services (BMS). The linear functionality allowed BMS to report accurately on any specific length of the CLEM7 tunnel, providing greater detail on their asset performance.

To learn more about how BPD Zenith helped BMS manage real time management of the Clem Jones Tunnel and associated road construction, please see our Brisbane Motorway Services IBM case study below.

Brisbane Motorway Services IBM

Tunnelling into Proactive Maintenance with IBM Linear Asset Management

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