Public Sector

Public infrastructure is a critical responsibility of governments at all levels. Whether it is new facilities to meet the needs of the residents or maintaining current assets such as roads, streets, schools, libraries and other public buildings, infrastructure is critical to quality of life, public health and safety, and economic prosperity.

BPD Zenith’s work with Public Sector, Government, Defence and Aerospace organisations has been primarily via our work with Facilities Management Clients, where the end client of the Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) system is a Public Sector organisation. Either directly or indirectly we have implemented, upgraded or managed CAFM, asset management and estate management systems for:

  • Australian Defence Force
  • Calgary Parking Authority
  • City Parks Services (Auckland Council)
  • Government Agency
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Ministry of Justice
  • RAF
  • Royal Navy

To learn more about how BPD Zenith helped a large UK Government Agency manage its property estate, please see our Turner Estate Solutions case study below.

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