Oil and Gas

With a global reliance on energy and a sustained period of low oil prices, the industry must ensure their critical assets are maintained in line with safety, production and legislative requirements, whilst driving down operating expenses.

For all of our Oil and Gas customers, from small independents to leading multinationals, we help them to implement solutions which enables them to achieve success sooner, safer and more efficiently.

Unrivaled Oil and Gas Experience

BPD Zenith has been helping operators for over 20 years, during which time we have gained extensive experience of how they do their maintenance management and supply chain business. 

Having successfully delivered over two dozen asset transitions and new assets worldwide, we have developed a standardised model for work management based on tried and tested business processes. Our Oil and Gas solution embeds industry best practice into a set of 50 business process templates that help to accelerate Maximo deployments.

Maximo Accelerator for Oil and Gas Assets

Standardising asset management in accordance with best practice is crucial in this industry. With our award winning Maximo Accelerator solution, clients can start using the system out-of-the-box and run their platforms with it. Instead of spending 9-18 months implementing Maximo, we are helping them bring success out of the product sooner and faster.

The overall effect is to provide Oil and Gas companies with a competitive advantage for managing their complex onshore and offshore assets. We achieve this through our innovative Oil and Gas offerings which include:

  • Maximo Accelerator solution – 15-20% shorter implementation time for quicker Return on Investment, and early solution delivery for time-critical asset transitions and first oil/gas
  • Defined business processes such as management of change, regulatory reporting, permit to work, operators log, downtime reporting, industry codes, and work order tracking
  • Mitigated risk through mandatory Risk & Quality Assessments which is prioritised according to HS&E standards
  • Improvements to maintenance planning and scheduling to reduce downtime, wastage, backlog, repairs and unused inventory
  • User friendly role-based Start Centers to encourage ownership and accountability for individual sections of the work plan
  • Workflows to determine the process of day-to-day tasks from the point of work initiation to close-out
  • Integrated Manifesting application – enables customers to meet legal requirements for shipping manifests with no additional development work

To learn more about how BPD Zenith and Maximo for Oil and Gas can help your organisation, please see our case study below.

Oil & Gas Case Study

One operator saved $478,000 in labour costs in the first 7 weeks.

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