Asset Management in Manufacturing

The Manufacturing industry covers a wide range of companies which produce anything from Automotive, Electrical, Food/Beverage, Mining and Pharmaceutical products. These companies depend on physical assets, from fleet vehicles to production facilities, to produce and deliver high quality goods and services to their customers. Each of these complex assets must be tracked, controlled and maintained to maximise production, reduce maintenance costs and improve reliability.

Industry Challenges

To remain competitive in today’s fluctuating business environment, Manufacturers must establish innovative strategies to keep production running at full capacity via extracting maximum value from their assets. Significant gains can be made by implementing IBM Maximo solutions:

  • Meet delivery schedules – managing assets and scheduling outages to improve availability and reliability in order to make deadlines, meet SLAs and satisfy customers
  • Preserve capital – effective maintenance to extend the useful life of assets to defer new purchases and improve ROI for all assets
  • Reduce operating expenses – streamline operations, reduce labour costs, remove excess & obsolete inventory spares, and consolidate key systems
  • Increase operational equipment effectiveness – eliminate recurrent failure stops and reducing changeover times
  • Prepare for regulatory changes – dynamic infrastructure supports the ability to adapt quickly, increase governance and reporting
  • Support asset and facility maintenance and manufacturing concepts such as RCM, TPM and GMP
  • Reduce maintenance costs – improve productivity/reliability/quality, deferring non-essential maintenance activities, standardise and enforce processes
  • Maximo also provides a natural alignment with the current PAS 55 asset management or future ISO 55000 standard

Maximo for Manufacturing

BPD Zenith has delivered best practice Maximo systems for Manufacturers of food, beverages, chemicals, steel and pharmaceuticals. Most recently, BPD has implemented Maximo across 21 international plants for the world’s most important bakery company. We have added value to manufacturing companies by improving asset availability, consolidating systems, supporting legal compliance, and reducing maintenance and operating costs.

Manufacturing model

Discover how our Manufacturing model helps companies maximise asset reliability and performance for a lean manufacturing implementation.

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Listen to your assets!

Most companies are aware of waste in their preventative maintenance efforts, but aren’t quite sure how to eliminate it.