Life Sciences

In the heavily regulated and globally competitive life sciences industry, companies are constantly looking for ways to contain costs and reduce risk while remaining compliant.

Asset management solutions directly address these concerns by enabling executives to better manage the assets that directly impact business performance, such as manufacturing equipment, precision instruments, warehouse machinery, and computing equipment.

Maximo has an industry solution specifically for the Life Sciences sector. It consolidates solutions under one umbrella – asset and service management, calibration, mobile calibration, corrective and preventive actions (CAPA) support – and integrates with RFID, SCADA systems and LIMS.

BPD Zenith has worked with drug manufacturers, biotech and medical device manufacturers to implement, upgrade or support their asset management systems. This includes calibration solutions to optimise the quality of products produced.


Our Life Sciences Offerings

  • Full Calibration and Mobile Calibration functionalities
  • Support (asset-related) CAPA
  • Provide Compliance Assistance Documentation in Validation projects including FDA compliance
  • Include all types of assets, including all assets containing IP-addresses e.g. SCADA, PLCs, etc.
  • Reduce risk by ensuring all aspects of compliance
  • Decrease time, cost and risk associated with bringing new products to the market
  • Reduce cost of specialised equipment parts
  • Provide global visibility and placement of critical, high value spare parts
  • Manage globalisation of life sciences and healthcare markets

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Listen to your assets!

Most companies are aware of waste in their preventative maintenance efforts, but aren’t quite sure how to eliminate it.