IBM Maximo G-Cloud Solutions UK

BPD Zenith Offers IBM Maximo G-Cloud Solutions on the UK Digital Marketplace.

What is G-Cloud?

G-Cloud is a pre- approved purchasing framework that provides public sector customers with real advantages when they are seeking to purchase and implement a market leading Enterprise Asset Management Solution (EAM) such as IBM Maximo.

G-cloud solutions can be purchased by practically all public sector organisations through the web based Digital Marketplace.

Why does G-Cloud exist?

G-Cloud was established by the UK Government for several reasons.

  • It was realised that cloud based services offer public sector organisations of all sizes an unparalleled opportunity to exploit new cloud based information technology delivery models to transform the delivery of public sector services.
  • It was also recognised that public sector organisations need an effective means by which they can purchase innovative cloud offerings for organisations of all sizes. Often these vendors are excluded from the larger procurement frameworks through which major System integrators provide their services.
  • G-Cloud does not require long, drawn out and expensive procurement processes. Instead, G-Cloud offers an accelerated procurement model for proven pre-defined solutions. Local government organisations can evaluate solutions, such as the BPD Enterprise Asset Management and IoT solutions, pilot them and bring them into real usage rapidly and cost effectively – with lower risk of failure.

BPD Zenith Enterprise Asset Management Solutions in the Digital Marketplace

BPD has defined and listed Enterprise Asset Management solutions based upon IBM Maximo for G-Cloud on the Digital Marketplace. The Digital Marketplace itself is an open catalogue of pre-defined cloud services.

The BPD solution listing includes a description of the service as well as a rate card for consultancy. Public Sector customers can therefore engage with BPD Zenith quickly, directly through the framework, to engage expert BPD EAM consultants who can assist the public sector customer in ensuring fit to requirements. The consultants can explain standard functionality and define configurations that may enhance the solution as it is brought into production.

 “On average, we saw savings of around 50% and there are examples of savings of more than this. Other benefits buyers have spoken about include greater transparency; flexibility; a simpler, clearer, faster way to buy and ultimately gain better value of the taxpayer – once the requirement has been defined, we have put a contract in place in three minutes!”

Tony Singleton

G-Cloud Programme Director

Reasons to purchase BPD Zenith EAM Solutions Through G-Cloud Digital Marketplace

  • BPD Zenith Digital Marketplace solutions can be purchased at less cost and with less lead time than through a tendered procurement route.
  • Public sector customers can commence Asset Management projects more quickly, validate their value, then expand their use.
  • Because BPD Zenith IBM Maximo solutions are pre-defined, the projects themselves inherently have less risk than if the solutions and projects were procured via alternative procurement methods.
  • BPD Zenith is a leading global provider of IBM Maximo Asset Management solutions and has been for 25 years in industries such as public sector, Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Airports and Ports.
  • BPD Zenith is a Gold Accredited IBM Business Partner.


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