IoT in Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas Worker Safety wearable PPE connected to IBM Maximo IoTWithin the Oil & Gas industry, there is significant scope to enhance maintenance operations with connected assets. Many items of plant and equipment are already capable of providing data to asset management systems. It is now possible to leverage this data alongside data provided by other sensors, applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to its interpretation. AI then uses the data to consider such things as temperature, running speed, vibration, exceptions, low rate and many more; offering a more complete and accurate insight into potential improvement opportunities.

There is now the possibility to protect workers on Oil & Gas rigs through the use of wearable technology, connected PPE, Geofencing and AI. Workers can now be easily located, know where other workers are and what operating conditions they are working in. Fall alerting is also automated within this solution area.

Smart Cone IoT connected to create GeoFenced zoneBPD Zenith is working with the IBM IoT platform to build and develop these solutions. While still in early stages, it is clear that the technology can greatly assist in work management within hazardous environments – whilst providing methods and accuracy by which the cost of maintenance can be massively reduced.


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