IoT in Facilities Management

Significant change is taking place in the world of facilities and building management. Buildings and cities are becoming instrumented and “smart” with factors such as energy efficiency are becoming a key consideration.

During the construction of modern buildings, we are seeing technologies such as BIM and VR becoming commonly adopted. Whilst we are seeing increasing use of technology during the ‘build’ phase of facilities, emphasis is shifting to ‘run’. For this reason, BIM is no longer purely a construction technology, it can work alongside IBM Maximo to ensure a building is fully understood from a maintenance perspective – before it is built.

BPD Zenith is already supporting several facilities management enterprises in building, licensing and running their IBM Maximo platforms. These platforms are being enhanced with BIM as well as other valuable solutions such as SFG20.

BPD is also leading the implementation of connected assets. A huge variety of sensors are now available at low cost. These can work alongside existing machinery capable of interfacing with the IBM IoT platform that BPD works with. This enables facilities management companies to intelligently use and analyse data from these sensors to achieve more cost-effective maintenance of facilities whilst reducing downtime and failures.

IoT in Facilities Management



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