Mobile Solutions

With the prevalence of handheld devices, from specialised devices to smartphones, mobile solutions are becoming increasingly practical out in the field. Our range of recommended mobile solutions are designed to closely integrate with your organisation’s asset management and maintenance management systems.

Enabling Your Mobile Workforce

  • Remotely access critical data including asset and work management processes
  • Complete work in real-time from virtually anywhere, even while disconnected
  • Reduce data entry errors and non-productive activities

Our consultants will discuss your specific requirements with you to determine which mobile solution best suits your needs, environment and budget.

As well as the application selection, our team will be able to advise you on additional considerations, including platform of choice; selection and support of devices; device management and first line user support. If you have your own preferred mobile technology we can integrate that with Maximo for you, thereby making the most of any existing investment you have made.

Learn more about the Products we use to deliver our mobile solutions.

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