Enterprise Asset Management

Asset intensive organisations depend on a vast array of physical assets, from the smallest tools and parts to the largest production plants. Each of these assets must be tracked, managed and maintained to support critical business functions. Many businesses, however, are still relying on paper-based methods, legacy systems, and disparate applications. Thus, the visibility of these assets, across the various departments and sites, is often very poor. Business leaders have identified enterprise asset management (EAM) as a key opportunity for improving operational efficiency and the bottom line.

What is enterprise asset management?

With the value of the world’s physical infrastructure worth tens of trillions of dollars, enterprise asset management is big business. EAM is a software solution which provides the key to better managing your physical infrastructure assets from a single, common platform. It consists of asset register, work order management, and inventory and procurement functions. Additionally, EAM provides a platform for a new class of applications born of Industrial Internet of Things-related advancements.

IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management

IBM Maximo is consistently recognised as one of the world’s leading enterprise asset management solutions, and BPD Zenith is proud to have delivered business benefits to all asset intensive industries.

BPD and Maximo have both stood the test of time, with almost three decades in the sector. During this time, we have helped organisations all over the world to differentiate their goods and services; increase the uptime of assets; reduce inventory costs; improve workforce utilisation; mitigate compliance issues and risk; and enhance customer satisfaction.

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