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Discover media from BPD Zenith including Maximo tutorials, walkthroughs, tips and tricks.

MaxiCloud SaaS Licensing

Monitoring your Maximo license usage can be a struggle: Here is George’s story and how BPD Zenith’s MaxiCloud can help you control costs with a volume-based licensing approach.

BPD Email Attachments for Maximo

Would you like to be able to attach a record in Maximo without physically opening Maximo? Well you’re in luck! BPD Zenith has developed a feature to allow you to do just this. Here is a demo on this very useful feature.

BPD Drag and Drop for Maximo

BPD Zenith has developed a custom control that can be added to any application in Maximo that supports attachments. Here is a demo on this very useful feature.

The LoveYourAsset Journey

Understand where you are on the journey to Asset Health Monitoring and discover the values and benefits you can enjoy!

Introduction to LoveYourAsset

What is LoveYourAsset and how does it work? What do you need in place? BPD provides a walkthrough demonstration of its Asset Health Monitoring solution.

IBM Media

Discover media from IBM including the latest solution offerings, case studies and industry insights.

IBM Maximo has the Answers

How do you achieve 100% uptime and reliability of equipment? How can I better manage my inventory? How can I stand out amongst the competition? IBM Maximo has the answers.

What is Asset Performance Management?

Welcome to the age of assets! As our world changes, our future is driven by data. Realizing this means increasing productivity to keep complex assets delivering at the pace of now. This means monitoring and optimizing assets in real time. Stay ahead of the curve with IoT and AI.

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