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Oct 7, 2020

BPD Zenith are proud Marketplace Partners

This month, BPD Zenith became proud members of the Marketplace Program. is the first port of call for all thing’s reliability! And they’re heavyweights on social media. You’ve probably came across Terrence, Maura or any of the team members before, or listened to one of the lively Reliability Radio podcasts. Perhaps you’ve heard of Uptime® Elements? Or MaximoWorld? All things said, a pretty big deal and we are delighted to be onboard.

With the challenges COVID-19 has brought, our business and marketing program has had to adapt for a new digital world. Our events are no longer physical but virtual, and the way we reach the market with our solutions now reflects that.

Love Your Asset

BPD Zenith and have come together to bring LoveYourAsset – an innovative asset health monitoring platform – to the global maintenance and reliability market. By bringing together your asset records, IoT sensor and other external data, LoveYourAsset provides a user friendly and pre-configured asset health dashboard to inform maintenance and replacement decisions, improve resource utilization and reduce costs and downtime. It even works with or without any CMMS/CAFM/EAM system in place (and of course works with Maximo).

~LoveYourAsset Dashboard~

By understanding and setting defined thresholds around what is normal or healthy for your critical assets with your Reliability Engineers, BPD can generate relevant alerts and even trigger Work Orders if the conditions are breached.

With asset health score trending and reports, organizations are more knowledgeable, resulting in better asset efficiency, reduced unplanned downtime, increased production output and reduced maintenance workloads.

~LoveYourAsset Report~

Get Started

How can we help you love your Asset today? Do you know which are your business critical Assets? What is the cost of their failure? Are they generating any untapped data from IoT sensors, meters or other systems? We can help you bring all of this data together to accelerate you up the asset management maturity curve.

LoveYourAsset is a subscription-based service and we are currently offering a free 30-day trial. 

BPD Global Group awarded ISO 27001 Certification

BPD Global Group awarded ISO 27001 Certification

BPD Global Group are pleased to announce that we have been awarded ISO 27001 certification across our entire business. ISO is the world's largest developer and creator of standards that specify worldwide requirements for products, services, processes, materials and...

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