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by | Dec 8, 2020

Reimagining Maximo and licensing with the new IBM Maximo Application Suite (MAS) 8.0 

Having recently attended the virtual UK&I Maximo User Group, I’d like to share some information from the roadmap session around the Maximo Application Suite and a new way of licensing called App Points.  

Maximo Today

Currently, Maximo is at version with many add-ons and industry solutions available to enhance the core functionality. Maximo is licensed separately from other IBM products and services and can be consumed in various ways, offering either named or concurrent options: 

  • Passport Advantage (PA) – Perpetual Licenses  
  • Flexible Contract Type (FCT) – Legacy Licensing to be sunset in 2021 
  • ESA Agreements – Typically provided by IBM Business Partners  
  • Tokens Usage based licensing provided by BPD Zenith or by IBM directly 
  • App PointsNEW for 2021! Access to the Maximo Application Suite  

While many different options exist, they typically fall into two categories: 

  1. Perpetual licenses which are owned by the client and allow the named/concurrent user to use a specific product. This includes an upfront license purchase with ongoing annual support and maintenance fees. 
  2. Subscription Term/Leased licenses which are based on usage and are typically paid for monthly or quarterly. 

Digital Re-Invention: Maximo Tomorrow

A digital re-invention is disrupting the operating model of asset intensive industries. Doing nothing leaves you at risk of being left behind whilst your Assets and Maximo are gearing up for innovation. Is it time to adapt and transform?  IBM are addressing this growing complexity of advanced technology by significantly improving its Asset Management offering in 2021, bringing expanded access to a range of new CMMS, EAM, Mobile and APM applications for condition-based asset maintenance. All future Maximo investments and enhancements will be bundled up and called Maximo Application Suite (MAS) going forward. 

Maximo Application Suite Journey


The Maximo Application Suite (MAS) journey to Predict starts with Manage. Manage is Maximo v7.6.1.2 as you know it (plus some functional enhancements such as asset cost rollup) and will be available in the MAS 8.4.0 release in April 2021.  


Next,Monitor(released in MAS 8.0.0) enables condition-based maintenance by leveraging your existing infrastructure and data sources. Feeding into this is Visual Inspection (released in MAS 8.2.0), using AI and cameras to inspect failures and detect anomalies – integrated with Maximo. Digital Twin Exchange is available to help establish a digital footprint when you’re missing key asset information. 


The next step is defining the Health (released in 8.1.0) of your assets and integrating your maintenance and reliability teams.  


Finally, Predict(released in 8.1.0) is the holy grail taking you on the predictive maintenance journey to predict failures!  In addition to this next generation functionality, MAS also has a new licensing structure called App Points 

App Points – New, Flexible Licensing

To access MAS 8.0 new generation solutions and any future Maximo enhancements and upgrades beyond v7.6.1.2, clients will need to purchase or migrate over to a new flexible licensing model called App Points. Both perpetual and fixed term licenses are available. The existing IBM Maximo licensing model is complex and whilst tried and tested, App Points will provide a model more consistent with how maintenance operations run, now and in the future.   

App Points aim to simplify and streamline the future IBM licensing structure with a single part number meaning no limitations on what products you can access.  A pool of App Points is then consumed by different levels of users (access to all products in their level and all lower levels) and comes with an optional ‘lock out’ application to cap usage 

Maximo Application Suite App Points

How Many App Points Will I Need? 

App Points are based on concurrency therefore BPD will work with you to understand your true concurrency. BPD have scripts available to assist with this and determine how many you will need 

Existing Maximo Users – How BPD Can Help!

Moving over from something proven and reliable like Maximo to something cool and innovative like MAS will soon become a reality for the user community. But BPD also understands that not every organization is at the same point on the Asset Management Maturity Curve and may not be ready to start the journey just yet or justify the associated costs.  

Rest assured that Maximo version 7.6.1x will be active until 2025 with 3 years extended support available. App Points can also coexist with Maximo 7.6.1x removing the pressure to plan an immediate upgrade path to MAS.   

Moving to Maximo Application Suite

The Cost of Upgrading to MAS 

Quite simply put, new solutions and technology cost money. For those clients on existing IBM licensing models wishing to migrate to MAS and App Points, there will be an associated uplift on your renewal price, plus the future upgrade of Maximo to MAS to navigate.   

Speak to BPD Zenith

As IBM are still working through the process and roll out of MAS, we highly recommend that existing users discuss future upgrade and licensing plans with BPD Zenith, a Platinum Maximo Business Partner for asset intensive organizations worldwide.  

BPD can provide you with a seamless crossover between Maximo now and in the future – both in terms of migration services, consultancy and alternative cost-effective licensing options. We are currently working with and helping our existing clients to plan their MAS migration. We can also help you explore the new APM functionality available with demos and proof of concept projects 

Book a free MAS Consultation with BPD today to take care of your licensing needs now and in the future  

Book a MAS Consultation

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Helen Fisher

Helen Fisher

As a UK Business Development Manager at BPD Zenith, Helen enjoys supporting Maximo journeys and being an active member of the user community. She is particularly interested in looking at asset management beyond traditional maintenance. Helen believes we will begin to see organizations investing more in Business Intelligence, Asset Performance Management, the Internet of Things and Predictive Analytics. In her spare time, Helen loves running, cooking, travelling and music.


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