Scheduling and Planning for Maximo

Solufy’s AKWIRE vScheduler is a powerful and flexible Scheduling and Planning for Maximo tool. AKWIRE vScheduler can help you to manage PM forecasting – organising and prioritising existing Work Orders and assigning tasks to your workforce, while showing you the availability of your Labours, Crafts, Crews, Person Groups, and Tools. Unlike other applications, vScheduler does not require any duplication of Maximo data within AKWIRE and thus avoids Maximo performance and synchronisation issues.

BPD Zenith has implemented the AKWIRE Visual Scheduler software at more than 10 Client sites across Australia and New Zealand. We have installed the product suite more times than any other Reseller globally and have trained internal resources available to implement the flexible and feature rich visual planning solution. Clients are seeing instant benefits – from visibility of work backlog, to improved staff and contractor utilisation. Once installed, schedules can be built within minutes, allowing instant feedback to information buried in Maximo.

Key features:

  • An intuitive user friendly interface
  • Superior Data Management and Processing Capabilities
  • Feature-rich Gantt for Scheduling and Planning for Maximo
  • Dynamic PM Forecasting and Management
  • Fully customisable and configurable for unparalleled flexibility
  • Read only mode
  • Master/Sub Schedules
  • Metrics and KPIs
  • Powerful reporting capabilities

For more information about AKWIRE vScheduler, please visit Solufy’s website.

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