Scheduling and Planning for Maximo

Without an effective scheduling program in place, the average technician is wasting 65% of their working day. This includes travel, obtaining spare parts and awaiting instruction. If your organisation falls into this category, then you are probably swamped with a backlog of work orders and repair activities too. This reactive state of maintenance comes with greater downtime, increased contractors and rework. This is an inefficient and non-productive way of working.

It is best to maintain your critical assets from day 1 than run to failure. But once you have planned your work, how do you get it done at the right time, at the best cost, and in the safest, most productive way?

By implementing a planning and scheduling solution, our clients are seeing instant benefits – from better prioritisation of work, to improved resource utilisation. We recommend two solutions to our customers.

Maximo Scheduler

Maximo Scheduler enables planners and schedulers to graphically view all work orders and preventative maintenance schedules on a Gantt chart. This provides the confidence to create a meaningful and streamlined work management process.


vScheduler is a powerful and flexible tool and unlike other applications, does not require any duplication of Maximo data. The solution enables you to manage PM forecasting – prioritising work and assigning tasks to your workforce, while showing you the availability of your Labours, Crafts, Crews, Person Groups, and Tools. BPD Zenith has implemented the AKWIRE Visual Scheduler software at more than 10 Client sites across Australia and New Zealand.

To learn more about why effective planning and scheduling is such a hot topic, contact us today. We can increase your wrench-on time and improve the fiscal health of your organisation.


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