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Our range of recommended mobile products are designed to closely integrate with your organisation’s Asset Management system. Our consultants will work with you to select the technology which best suits your needs and budget. As well as the application selection, we can advise you on additional considerations such as platform of choice, selection and support of devices, and device management. If you have a preferred mobile product we can integrate that with Maximo for you, thereby making the most of any existing technology investment you have made.


IBM have 3 mobile offerings for Maximo. Your device of choice and your connectivity method are critical in determining the right IBM mobile product for your business.

Maximo Anywhere is IBM’s latest mobile initiative based on the recently acquired Worklight platform, affording levels of flexibility unavailable with the previous mobile options. Maximo Anywhere helps organisations improve efficiency by allowing engineers, field technicians and other business staff to complete tasks from virtually anywhere. It enables remote access from smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to Maximo processes for work, asset and inventory management – in both connected and disconnected mode. Maximo Anywhere 7.6.1 supports Windows, Android and iOS. The ready-made applications can be used with little configuration:

  • Asset Audit
  • Asset Data Manager
  • Inspections
  • Issues and Returns
  • Physical Count
  • Service Request
  • Transfers and Receiving
  • Work Approval
  • Work Execution

With Maximo Everyplace you can access your Maximo system wherever you have connectivity from a smartphone or other supported mobile device. Using the new Maximo Application Designer, you can configure your Maximo screens to make them touch screen friendly and minimise the effort required by your mobile workers. The Everyplace capability is included in the latest Maximo 7.6 platform with no additional licensing required.

Designed for those in industries that require a disconnected solution, Maximo Mobile offers remote access to a limited set of applications: work, asset and inventory management.  A user is able to download their work in the morning and then sync back up once connectivity is available. Maximo Mobile is limited to Windows and Android mobile devices.


BPD Zenith has a long standing global partnership with Datasplice, selling and implementing their COTS mobility solution. DataSplice provides a complete Enterprise Level Mobile solution for Maximo including Inventory, Work Management, Assets and Inspections. DataSplice supports the right tool for the job, whether that is iOS, Android, or Windows, working in connected and disconnected modes. DataSplice solutions are specifically designed to help you implement mobile applications quickly and efficiently to get your staff mobile.

TBS Enterprise Mobility

BPD Zenith and TBS Enterprise Mobility have an established partnership to deliver mobile working solutions that extend the scope of an existing Maximo deployment into the wider workplace or the field. The TaskMaster Mobile Suite is a comprehensive package that gives you everything you need to reduce operating costs and boost business efficiencies. The highly flexible features can be uniquely configured to closely match your business processes without software development. Real-time status alerts can instantly update fieldworkers, headquarters or customers by text message or email; RFID or bar-coding can rapidly identify assets; and satellite navigation technologies can strategically plan journeys, reducing mileage and travel costs. With an intuitive and easy to use interface, your mobile workforce is guided through their work processes.

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