IBM Maximo Mobile Products

Our range of recommended mobile products are designed to closely integrate with your organisation’s Asset Management system.  

When it comes to selecting a mobile product, we like to be objective and evaluate IBM’s mobile suite as well as third-party products such as DataSplice, EzMaxMobile, and TBS TaskMaster, based on your unique requirements. Our consultants will work closely with you to select the technology which best suits your needs and budget.

As well as the application selection, we can advise you on additional considerations such as platform of choice, selection and support of devices, device management, and RFID/Barcode options. If you have a preferred mobile product we can integrate that with Maximo for you, thereby making the most of any existing technology investment you have made.

IBM Mobile Solutions

IBM have 3 mobile offerings for Maximo. The advantage of IBM mobile solutions is that they are open platform so BPD can customise the applications to better meet your needs. Your device of choice and your connectivity method are critical in determining the right IBM mobile product for your business.

Maximo Mobile Suite

Maximo Mobile was originally created for Maximo version 6.2 but has come a long way in recent releases.  Designed for those in industries that require a disconnected solution, Maximo Mobile offers remote access to a limited set of applications: Work, Asset and Inventory Management.  A user is able to download their work in the morning and then sync back up once connectivity is available. Maximo Mobile is limited to Windows and Android mobile devices. Note that IBM are no longer developing and new Maximo Mobile features or applications.

Maximo Everyplace

Maximo Everyplace is a connected-only solution that is now included with Maximo 7.6 with no additional licensing required! Quickly consolidate phone, e-mail, and access to Maximo for workers who don’t regularly sit at a desk or use a desktop computer. Users can access Maximo via a supported browser without installing anything on the devices themselves. Plus, with the new Maximo Application Designer, Maximo screens can be configured to make them touch screen friendly. This mobile access eliminates lag times and errors that can occur when you must postpone entering information into Maximo, gaining real-time visibility into your operations.

Maximo Anywhere

Maximo Anywhere is IBM’s latest mobile initiative. Unlike Mobile and Everyplace which connect directly to Maximo, Anywhere connects through a MobileFirst server that allows the simple creation and distribution of mobile apps.  The ready-made apps can be used with little configuration and currently include:

  • Asset Audit
  • Asset Data Manager
  • Inspections
  • Issues and Returns
  • Physical Count
  • Service Request
  • Transfers and Receiving
  • Work Approval
  • Work Execution

Anywhere helps organisations improve efficiency and reduce data entry errors by allowing engineers, field technicians and other business staff to complete tasks from virtually anywhere (get it?), even while disconnected. It enables secure remote access from smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to Maximo processes for Work, Asset and Inventory Management. It also allows users to take advantage of maps. Maximo Anywhere 7.6.1 supports Windows, Android and iOS.


BPD Zenith has a long standing global partnership with DataSplice, selling and implementing their COTS mobility solution. DataSplice provides a complete enterprise level mobile solution for Maximo including Inventory, Work Management, Assets, and Inspections. DataSplice supports the right tool for the job, whether that is iOS, Android, or Windows – working in both connected and disconnected modes. The solutions are designed to achieve high efficiency and smooth user experience. While implementing these mobile solutions, we have found them to be very cost effective, delivering quick ROI, and a high success rate.

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